LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Port Arthur EDC in position to help homeless concern

Published 12:04 am Friday, October 20, 2023

In the Wednesday/Oct. 18 issue of The Port Arthur News, the Rev Michel Navey writes on the need to house and feed the homeless in Port Arthur.

I applaud his efforts on behalf of the homeless and wish him well in his efforts.

However, the issue goes beyond housing and feeding the homeless. The problem is why do we home homeless individuals.

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Some of these people may be homeless by choice, but others have mental issues, addiction problems, relationship problems, loss of jobs, low income etc. and who knows what other reasons may be.

The big question is how do we solve the problem of homelessness and eliminate homelessness?

This is the proper question to put before the City.

I would suggest that the Economic Development Corportion is the best organization to deal with this problem.

Their charter calls for ridding the city of blight areas, economic development, employment, etc.

They have the resources and responsibility to address this situation.

What say you, City Hall?

Want to be part of solution or part of the problem?

— Armando Gaytan, Port Arthur