CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Check out True Scoops, Avocado reset, Zyn & Piedaho

Published 11:00 am Monday, August 9, 2021

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It’s sweet to support local business.

What could be sweeter than honey spoons, up front and center at The Golden Cup coffee shop in Nederland?

Stop, buy and give them a swirl.

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Here’s some more stuff to get you Culinary Thrill Seeking:

True Scoops

Is it a good idea to create powders so that those who avoid labor-intensive kitchen experiences can make delicious ice cream at home? True Scoops is truly good and easy.

At first I thought I’d misunderstood, because you can use an ice cream maker, which I don’t have. I took the option of whipping the powder with half and half, freezing the mixture into ice cube trays then popping cubes into the blender and freezing that mixture to perfection.

Another powder created a fantastic chocolate sauce.

The process was waiting-intensive but not hard at all. It tasted like the one-and-only time I churned for homemade ice cream.

I had a sense of satisfaction of creating and eating. Thanks go to Shelly and Kelly who craved ice cream and created a business.

Check out their adventures and wares at

Avocado reset

I wonder how people in other states enjoy avocados.

In Texas, we go straight to the guac. I remember reading it was once called “poor man’s butter” with a price point below those rich, yellow sticks.

I know a man who eats them daily and spreads them onto sandwiches. Avocados, those green guys with the pit, are showing off in Utah, where BetterBodyFoods has released a naturally refined, 100 percent avocado oil spray that is new best friends with my morning egg.

With a high 500 degree smoke point from the “king of oils.”

There’s no propellants, preservatives or synthetic chemicals coming out of this green can of avocado goodness.


The “amaZYN” thing about Zyn non GMO drink powder is 200 mg of curcumin from turmeric.

That’s a thing now, but piperine from black pepper is new to me. It increases absorption.

You know I love all things pepper. But these electrolyte powders, mixed into your water bottle, taste like Mango Pomegranate, Strawberry Yuzu and Passion Fruit Lemonade.

While you get a tasty refresh, consider this irony.

You’re getting cooled down with a drink that is committed to sustainable sourcing from solar-powered, community-based farms.

That sun… always working for us. Learn more at


I was going to start out by being amazed that the rhubarb plant actually does create an amazing pastry, just like I’ve seen in recipe books all my life.

But now the focus on Piedaho’s beautiful offering could be the delicate and detailed dough flowers and leaves covering the sweet galette.

It comes to your door from There’s not enough room to describe my pleasure in this space. You have to see for yourself.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who would love to year about your culinary adventures. Reach her at