CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — “Bibbrella” creates 1st full coverage child protection bib

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Babies have it good these days: Organic foods, and a chic Bibbrella to pose for high chair pics.

My sister got excited over the soft fabric printed with a world map, prominently featuring — by chance — Galveston.

Black and white stripes on elastic sleeves you can push up make a baby look like a little French traveler.

This Alabama baby knows good food and good style. Courtesy photo

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A slit for the chair and straps so you can fold up that mess and make this BPA and PVC-free product practical for hungry, messy little cuties aged 6 months to 3 years.

She promptly put this selection from to work on her Alabama grandbaby, who I must say could charm the bibb right onto herself for second helpings.


Icy Donuts Groves

I’m already a fan of this new place’s foods, even though I haven’t yet been in person.

Some avocado smoothie, breakfast eggrolls with an amazing crunch, creamy, fruity drinks and donuts came into my life.

I’m hearing they strive to create healthy versions of all these goodies and they’re also famous for Vietnamese coffee.

The Icy folks are at 3855 Main Ave., Groves.


Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce

Lola means grandmother to the family that brings the heat from Des Moines, Iowa.

Fresh and natural ingredients start in the original, with red jalapenos, habanero, garlic, lime juice, vinegar and salt.

Now, are you ready for Lola’s progressions?

Because of “extra” ingredients I’m better able to enjoy the Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper versions.

This time I’m saving the Ghost Pepper for last. Green Jalapeno? My fave.

I’ve established I’m all about the hot, but I want to exit a Taco Tuesday believing I’ll live to see another.

So, the verdict is, like they say at, the mission is to use the world’s hottest papers for flavor, not intense heat. Delicious and doable.


Who doesn’t?

Surprise. There are gummy bears in my chocolate bark. Or peppercorns or edamame.

Oh, you go for more traditional options?

If a friend loves you enough to send a Chocogram, chances are they’ll order the flavors, message and tin that’s perfect for you.

Birthday Cake and Kitchen Sink are also hit-the-spot combos from Jessica Cadenelli, who has crafted an experience that has to make you smile.

Order from because, who doesn’t?



Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who melts at the thought of babies, doughnuts, hot sauce and chocolate. Don’t you? Connect to her at