CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — The Art of fishing coastal Texas

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Fishing for me is perusing the supermarket for a seafood dinner treat.

Fishing for others is the adventure that lures them to Port Arthur’s Sabine Lake for trout, redfish and flounder.

Sunlight on fins, closeups on tails, the drama of the catch and coastal landscapes are stars in Danno Wise’s new book “Fishing for Photographs: A Collection of Coastal Angling Images.”

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I corresponded with Wise, an outdoors writer and photographer who loves Sabine Lake’s diversity. He says it is an area “every Texan needs to fish.”

My favorite images are half in and half out of the water. It’s a fish view. Check out this summertime reading and road trip planning.

Get this book and then get out on the water. It is available on and


Better Than Milk

In the world of oddly yet appropriately-named products, we have “Better than Milk.”

What do you get when you mix Italian spring water, organic rice, hazelnuts and a touch of apple juice?

Something to pour over cereal, spike your coffee or pour in your cut crystal glass to enjoy like your overlooking the Lessini Mountains.

That’s where the spring water is from.

Is it “Better Than Milk?”

Could be.

If you like healthy choices and flavor and perhaps need a milk alternative. It’s very good and I’m craving it when I open the fridge and see the cartons.

Almond drink?

That variety was good, too. Unsweetened organic oat is perfect for cereal and more.


Nut Pods

Almond and Coconut and creamer equal Nut Pods, containers of creamy goodness to add to your beverages. But wait … there are recipes from amazing cakes to creamy cauliflower mash that will incorporate those French Vanilla, Sweet Crème and Caramel flavors to the max.

Get in on the nut stuff like my husband has. He’s really into this one. Even the packaging is plant based.


Kahawa 1893

Brewing is more of an art than science, perfected in every way from moka pot to French press. Just don’t percolate, says Kahawa 1893.

You’ll be sacrificing quick quantity for bitterness.

This Serengeti blend has a monkey and toucan on the package of 100 percent Arabica Coffee. The aroma is amazing.

Do you ever open a bag of coffee and set it near you as you work?

It’s like having a candle that you can brew later.

Kahawa 1893 sources directly from women farmers in Africa and gives back to empower them. You can scan the code to tip the farmer.

That’s some old farming methods combined with new tech.

Learn more at


Know about congee?

For years I’ve heard of congee, a boiled rice porridge considered a cure all comfort food in many cultures.

I imagined it as a soft version of our gumbo, which brings us joy.

I finally got to try some in a convenient cup version, and it was so enticing I had more for dinner.

Mr. Lee’s Congee is prepared by boiling water and filling the cup to the line and being a tad patient.

Original features three kinds of grains, soy sauce, ginger and spring onion. It was soft, but with a good bite of texture and subtle flavor in there.

As I spooned it up at dawn on my patio, I traveled in my mind.

Damien Lee is on the package described as a three-time cancer survivor who was told he had weeks to live and decided to work on quick, honest and tasty food.

So there’s soul packed into these cups. Dinner was the version with white meat chicken, mushroom, ginger and spring onion.

Learn more at


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who loves a good read and a good meal. Share your experiences with her at