CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Turns out turnips are tops; also enjoy these health tips

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I truly like nearly any food, or at least like trying it.

Yet , for decades, if someone asked a food I don’t like, I’d shout out “turnips” quick.

Truth is I probably had one dull, bland bite as a kid and they never came up again. I didn’t even realize people grew them around here.

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A local gardener gave me some and I didn’t hesitate to try it. He suggested a method that involved bacon, but I happened to have some chicken fat at hand so I tried that with great results.

He doesn’t peel them, so I didn’t either. Just pretty much roasted them, with great results. The greens were also surprisingly easy and good and did have the promised spicy “bite.”

This is a guilt-free addition to my diet, so not worried about finding a new food to enjoy. But what will I say when people ask what I don’t like? Turns out, turnips are terrific.

And here’s some of that January health roundup I promised:


Tofurky Plant-Based Roast & Gravy

When all your plant-based friends are hanging on the patio, roast up a Tofurky. My friend said he’d had something like this about 10 years ago and imagined the process had improved.

This time around, he complimented the texture several times and said it was filling, too. On my end, I have to say the round ball looked like a big mound of modeling clay.

There was also a gravy pouch. I roasted it with cabbage, turnips and onions and guess what? People liked Tofurky. It sliced well, revealing stuffing and just like that, Tofurky was the talk of the day. If you are doing plants, check into this easy-to-handle roast.


Cart Safe

Did you assume grocery carts were “icky” even before the pandemic? Studies show they have more saliva, bacteria, etc. than public telephones and bathrooms.

Did you ever want to put a giant shower cap around your hold cart while you’re loading up on fresh produce and the rest of your necessities?

Thank a mom who invented Cart Safe for the times of COVID.

Gonna say, of when you push your cart around the market that’s lined with this blue protective layering, you’ll get notice from other shoppers who will likely want to order, too. Get a look at


Keto Beam

Are you trying to maintain ketosis? Some of you know just what I mean but I don’t have much experience with this lifestyle. will hook you up with Electrolyze, Micro-Boost and Insta-Lytes.

I received samples and will agree that they taste like water, which is a welcome sensation when compared to some supplements. I’m most interested in the Insta-Lytes Electrolyte Misting Spray that you can spray on your face and elsewhere to soften cramps, sooth aches and recharge electrolytes. I do like this sensation.


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie committed to a new year of healthy resolutions. Reach her at