CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Dreams come in shape of spices

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Is branding for Dreams Aren’t This Good bold with a “most addicting salsa in the world” claim?

I was attracted to Just Dance Jalapeño Salsa before I connected Matt Bennett, founder, to Port Neches. He dreamed the Mexican and Cajun spice blended into his youth could go to New York City style, combine with energetic branding and hit the big time.

First, it’s really, really, good with avocado pepper blend. Girls, Girls, Girls is equally dreamy with blueberry and coconut. The marketing is fantasy/funny and to top it off, you can wear the DATG fashion line and know you are helping makers support good causes. No wonder it’s billed as the “world’s first lifestyle salsa brand.“

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But wait, there are over-the-top chips in the line, too. Bennett has ties to Bogalusa, Louisiana, the “super small town of Port Neches” that is “pretty much almost in Louisiana,“ and LSU. He makes salsa.

Give yourself a treat and go to to get the story better than I can tell you. I have to go to cultivate my salsa lifestyle.

Inspired by DATG, I woven an American Dream Theme into the following reports on holiday indulgences below:


Cranberries go chutney

I wouldn’t dream of holidays without cranberries and my family always went above the plopped from a can model. Mom made a tangy relish that makes a turkey feel naked without it.

Circle B Ranch of Missouri came to my rescue now that Mom’s gone. They are in the humane pork business, so it’s no wonder they suggest their fruit chutneys, such as Pear Ginger, served with their quality pork chops.

But this is the season for Cranberry Apple Jalapeño Chutney to shine. Once my husband tasted from one jar, he asked that all varieties be put out at each meal until they were done. will set you up with all this and more. Gluten-free bloody Mary mix anyone?



What’s a unicorn dream breakfast? Waffles or whatever, it would come topped with Runamok Maple’s Limited Sparkle Syrup, glimmering with pearlescent mica, a mineral that will also create radiant cocktails. Eye-catching and creative flavors are this Vermont-based company for specialty and they are always packaged in memorable bottles.

As the sun comes up, light is catching my Sugarmaker’s Cut, filling my workspace with amber glow. Mini bottles of Markut Lime-Leaf Infused and Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused plus vanilla infused versions look like the big mama bottle’s babies. offers gift ideas and recipes to tap your creativity, so remember to gift yourself.



Cashews can be “buttered”

The humble peanut does not need my promotion. Americans are in love with peanut butter and I encourage them to expand their nutty horizons with awareness of other butters.

The cute little Once Again raccoon mascot knows it. A family’s “dream” business has come to fruition here. The little rascal adorns jars of creamy Cashew Butter, which also comes in an organic blend.

Copper, folate, protein and fiber are some of the “shiny things” inside what is a super-creamy and rich experience. I already considered cashews one of the more “elite” nuts.

Once Again is proud of its nut source. The product has a similar but different mouth feel to peanut butter.

I consider it a more special/subtle brunch thing, but hey, cashew butter can certainly glam up an everyday lunch.

Of course offers many nut options and recipes, which include pumpkin pairing. My batch will probably go down by the spoonful, straight from the jar.


Darragh Castillo is a Port Arthur area foodie dreaming everyone can have the option of eating better and choosing that path. Reach her at