CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Finding your Sacred Sauce and how to Keto

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Tempting photo spreads may sell this book on going keto because not everyone can imagine parsnip rosemary fries.

I’m not on this particular lifestyle diet, but I’m on board with the creativity of recipes in this thick and beautiful paperback by Brittany Angell, creator of Just imagine rolling out menus featuring these dishes:

  • Smoky Cracklin Pork Belly seasonings include that include maple, Himalayan salt and cumin.
  • Dublin Coddle Stew, with thick-cut bacon and cauliflower rice will be your next St. Pat’s Day go-to.
  • Pumpkin alert at this time of year? Plan ahead for Creamy Pumpkin Chicken Noodle Soup. The Noodles are from shirataki, a plant fiber.
  • Taco Tuesday? Try Taco Spaghetti with Cilantro-Lime Avocado Pasta. I will.

What I tried first was Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bars that are said to taste like a Payday candy bar. But I actually had walnuts and pecans and sesame seeds instead of the suggested peanuts and sunflower seeds.

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It’s the coconut oil and honey or syrup and peanut butter method of letting it all set in the freezer that turned out so well for me. The author says her recipe tastes “ahh-mazing” and mine did, too.

Mama Geraldine’s

Cheese straws are a southern thing to me. Childhood memories of my mom’s fancy club tables set with spicy, crunchy morsels fill me. I ate more than my share of this “grown-up” appetizer and I loved Ms. Outlaw’s recipe that had a spicy kick.

Wisconsin cheese is in Mama Geraldine’s boxes of Aged Cheddar, Parmesan Herb, Pimento Cheese and Chipotle Cheddar, but the taste is all southern. “Snack on, y’all” is the call of this Bodacious Food Co. in Jasper, Georgia. If you know someone who used to make cheese straws, be assured these little crunches will taste like their sought-after batches.

“It’s how we entertain,” is what Mama Geraldine’s people say, and mean. Geraldine’s has boxes key lime, Italian wedding and cinnamon mini cookies, all decked in powdered sugar. Pecan Cini-Minis are billed thusly: “Simple Ingredients. Purely Bodacious!” Baked with pride in the mountains of north Georgia, these little cookies with Korintje cinnamon made an excellent breakfast with fruit and coffee. I’m proud to say I made sure to savor the nickel-sized treats by making each last for two bites. If I had to pick one, I confess I favor the key lime. Y’all snack, like Mama says.

Sacred Sauce

Sacred Sauce creators want tasters of their sweet heat spark memories of their own “see the world” moments.

Okay. My mouth-on-fire makes me think of a beachside bowl of lime soup I savored on spring break in Mexico. It was the 1980s. Well done.

Makers are all about travel and adventure and proceeds for Rainforest Trust and natural flavors such as Serrano chili, prickly pear cactus, garlic, tangerine juice, mango, blood orange and habanero. With #Visionsineverydrop, they’ve created a Sacred Salad Sauce, which confuses some diners.

Not me. They just understand that some of us heat seekers want to spice up our salads, especially if they are fruit based. Be creative, like the loyal fans on You’ll be “naturally wild” for it.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie socially distancing and still enjoying great company and flavors. Reach her at