CULINARY THRILL-SEEKING — Something to drink, how to serve it and look good

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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I hope the Dads out there had an eventful Father’s Day. Every month, Dads need hugs, or phone calls, or little drawings made with crayons.

My dad would always ask for lima beans and my husband asks for ribs on special days. Simple requests. Here are a few more thoughtful things that could make someone’s day, for Dad or otherwise:

Elevated drinkware for many moods

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When I see the sturdy, sleek lines of Fressko’s stainless steel insulated Camino Cup in “coal” with barista-friendly measurement lines, I’m envisioning Darth Vader relaxing with his coffee and going over his things-to-disrupt list for the day. I imagine a barista holding up this durable cup, that resembles Darth’s helmet in a way, with the most grown-up sippy lid and calling out “Mocha latte for Darth?”

The cup comes across as a most efficient means to keep your coffee hot on the go. The light green pastel “minti” cup should have a spot of tea and maybe fit in my moped drink holder as I pick up some French bread on my European trek.     Fressko’s tall glass flask with a bamboo lid and metal filters is meant for travel, but I envision it just for the patio, with a lemon or cucumber slice to flavor water or tea in the afternoon. It’s all about the mood (and the beverage).

“Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself” is the Fressko message. You’ve hit it when just the sight of the empty cup on the shelf can put you into the mood of a good heft in your hand, a flavor to savor and a moment to yourself. Sometimes the splurge is being kind to yourself. Visit to get this feel.

Oh boy! Soursop!

Maybe you think you don’t know what creamy soursop tea tastes like because you were calling that big, prickly and green fruit a guanabana.

The two words are like a rose by any other name. Still no? Don’t worry, I didn’t realize it either, but I’ve seen them in markets. It’s my favorite of many quality flavors in the JAF TEA set, crafted from Ceylon tea, called the world’s finest black tea.

I can taste the difference in Organic Darjeeling, the English Breakfast, and Ceylon Supreme, but I’m especially excited about the fruity flavors, which highlight the more familiar grapefruit, lemon and Black Tea Forest Fruit. The set came in display box where the packets were cradled like little gems in their paper partitions.

That makes selecting fun, but I’m keeping the soursop to myself. See what else their artisnal, small-batch processing offers. Teas are packed in Sri Lanka within days of plucking and you can inhale the fragrant essential oils.

Yes to handsome

You can’t imagine how much I love sharing Culinary Thrill Seeking and the feedback I get from readers.

You’ve got to wonder how I can possibly link some of these topics to food, such as the KeepIt Handsome line of men’s grooming products, such as Fibre Matte to hold the hair and daily conditioner.

Well, wouldn’t looking and feeling your best pair well with a night out with your sweetie?

At your favorite restaurant, in the park or even stuck at home? Good advertising helps spread the word on good product, and a look at should hook men of any age into an old school barbershop mood of luxury that you can “keep” at home.

Tip: Women will likely enjoy everything about this line, too. It smells great, works great and is not as pricy as similar brands. Father’s Day is coming up soon, you know.

 Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie ready to enjoy Southeast Texas and beyond. Reach her at