CULINARY THIRLL SEEKING — Summer Lovin’ these new finds

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Summer’s here, according to the fiscal, if not actual, calendar. As you approach party season, consider some of these “new” things I’ve had the good fortune to encounter:

FOND Bone Broth Tonics

FOND is the brand of a bone broth that is made with such love, I feel like I want to be “worthy” of the family that created it. “Broth on!” is Alysa Seeland’s message on a note called the The FOND Story. Her broths are rich, nutrient-dense liquids made with bones of an animal and cooked for a period of 16-24 hours in the case of chicken bone broth. She calls her blends tonics as they’re infused with flavor combos and called inspirational names such as Liquid Light, Inside Job and The Spur.

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I’d heard a bit of “the talk” on bone broth and this one discusses points like gut health, soothing inflammation, amino acids for respitory health and improved digestion, nutrient superfoods, healthy bone formation, collagen for healthy skin and weight maintenance. Here are some outlines of mixtures:

Youth Tonic – It wasn’t just because of the shitake, shallot and sage that I grabbed Youth tonic first. I mean, Thanksgiving in a jar is a strong endorsement, but who wouldn’t want a tonic of youth?

Trolley Dodger – This one is described as a fun, tangy bone broth tonic infused with a surprising combination of lemon, garlic, radish and onions. Customers say “excellent antidote for a late night.

FYI, I can virtually guarantee you’ll invest some time in soaking off the labels so as to re-use the attractive Mason jar packaging. This is such a home-style product that you’ll want to re-use the jars to give other items in your pantry a homemade flair. It sealed the deal that I found Seeland’s note encouraging keeping the decorative packing box for future use, as I had already done so. FOND cares.

Simple Mills

Almond flour mix goes into naturally gluten-free brownies from Simple Mills. I promise, they are as quick and easy to make as any other brownie mix and the results are superior. The texture is moist and the chocolate is gooey and yes, you’d better divide up the servings and put some away before you eat the whole pan. Make your piece the last one out, so you can scrape up any edges and crumbs that remain. Everyone who I allowed to sample Simple Mills brownie was down with it. Wait, Simple Mills also has a chocolate muffin and cake mix, but that’s still on the pantry shelf for a special occasion (like this weekend?)

Simple Mills is going for “clean, nutritious foods for a better life – it’s that simple.” They call it “full-body, inside-out happiness” for a well-being that starts within. The line includes several baking mixes and dietician-approved almond flour flavored crackers, including Smokey BBQ Cheddar and Fine Ground Sea Salt. I’ve been enjoying those with salads. People trying to eat better don’t have to do without. There’s usually a flavorful work-around. Simple Mills has found several.

Pretzels to your door

Straight outta Boston, Eastern Standard Provisions Company is offering a new line of gourmet, handcrafted snacks. Doesn’t hand-tied pretzels sound better than what’s in that snack machine?

Top Knot, Wheelhouse, and Turnbuckle with dipping sauces Party Queso Dip and Get Lost Maui Onion Mustard are, according to these Boston fellows, crafted with the finest ingredients and ready to ship to you from There’s credentials and awards and 209 years of hospitality experience behind these fresh pretzels that you pop in the oven to make your whole house in Texas smell like their bakery, I suppose.

I’m boiling the rest of my thoughts into this thought, and will say now that my mother agrees with me: Tear off a chunk of fresh, hot, fragrant bread and dip it in sweet & sour Maui onion mustard, and you’ll be a believer. It’s that simple.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who’s motto is “Try it, I’ll Like it, Most of the Time.” Reach her at


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