ASK A COP — Is her license at risk?

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jessica from Port Neches asks: Officer Antoine I have a friend that has just received her fourth speeding ticket in two years. How many more tickets can she receive before her license is suspended? She doesn’t believe her license will be suspended because she pays her tickets in full. Officer Antoine, how many tickets can a driver get before their license is suspended in Texas?


Answer: Good question, Jessica! Speeding kills and Texas has developed a point system to keep track of driver behavior. The Texas point system is plain to understand. Jessica’s moving violations — i.e, speeding over 10 miles mph over the posted speed limit, disregarding stop sign/ red lights — are two points and moving violations that result in an crash are three points. Jessica, In Texas drivers will have to start paying surcharge if they accumulate six or more points in at three-year period. The amount drivers have to pay increases with the number of points accumulated if a driver is convicted of four moving points in the 12-month period or seven months once in a 24-month period. The driver will have to have his or, in this case, her license suspended. Jessica, your friend should be very concerned and should inquire about the current status of her Texas driver license. Of course, the status of her license will be based on whether or not her speeding convictions were over 10 mph of the posted speed limit.

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Geo from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, opening The Port Arthur News on Tuesdays have become favorite pastime of mine because I get to read your column. Which means I have gained a great amount of information which in turn I’ve become a safer driver over the years. I have a question about littering in Texas: If someone has a piece of chewing gum that they are ready to get rid of and they politely roll down the window on the car and toss it out of the window is that considered littering in Port Arthur and can they be stopped and given a ticket by police officer?


Answer: Good question, Geo! Chewing gum doesn’t NOT biodegrade and if left alone it will take about 50 years for the gum to decompose, which can be a very sticky situation. Littering has for years and currently continues to be a sore eye for the state of Texas. Today it seems like motorist and pedestrians alike can’t seem to either hold on to or find a proper receptacle to dispose of used unwanted items. Geo, most people don’t think improperly disposing of chewing gum is illegal but it certainly is ILLEGAL to throw gum out of a car or while we walk! Believe it or not, chewing gum — this is unknown by many — is the second biggest littered item in the state of Texas — right behind cigarette butts! So Geo, improperly disposing of chewing gum is a CRIME and should be avoided. So the next time you decide to freshen your mouth or enjoy a chew of your favorite rubber like material made of polymers which are synthetic plastics, don’t throw it on the ground or place it under a chair … Find a trash bin and throw in the used gum. Remember: The fine if found guilty it up to $500 in a court of law; $500 for a 10-cebt cent piece of gum? I don’t think so!


Victor from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I must ask anyway: Is it illegal for me to park my car and not set the emergency parking brake on my property or is it illegal to park my car and not set the emergency parking brake on a flat surface anyway. I know this seems absurd as to why in the world would I ever consider such a thing! Officer Antoine I am praying for you and all police officers that suit up daily to help keep us from harm.


Answer: Good question, Victor! Thanks for the question and remember the only dumb question is the question you refuse to ask. Many motorists will learn something new today about parking brakes because you were bold enough to take a stand and ask a question you deemed dumb. Yes, failing to engage the parking brake after exiting a vehicle is a law that’s 100% enforceable in Texas. Victor, in the state of Texas law enforcement officers do not routinely enforce private property laws. So we will NOT enforce the failure to engage parking brakes on your driveway. Now Victor, on the roadway is a different story. If you exit your vehicle you MUST engage your parking brakes every time you exit your vehicle no matter if the surface you are parked on is flat or on an incline.


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