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ASK A COP — Port Arthur: No ordinance for golf carts


Port Arthur Police Officer Rickey Antoine

Georgia from Port Arthur asks: Can I ride my golf cart in my residential neighborhood in Port Arthur? I’m aware I have to have my triangle sign on the rear of the golf cart, and do I have to have it registered?

Answer: Good question, Georgia! At this time, the city of Port Arthur doesn’t have an ordinance to address driving golf carts on the roadways. Therefore, we must govern ourselves by the state of Texas law. The state of Texas allows golf carts to be used on highways under certain conditions. The golf cart has to have at least three wheels and maximum speed has to be 25 mph. The primary function of the cart is to be operated for a golf course. Georgia, registration is not needed in Texas for golf carts, and you’re correct: A slow-moving emblem needs to be placed on the rear of the golf cart. Any city in Texas can pass an ordinance for stricter requirements for golf cart usage on the roadways. Safe cart driving, Georgia!


Breeze 96.9 FM caller asks: Officer Antoine, the other day I was going across the Pleasure Island MLK Bridge and I observed something that made me wonder, so I decided to call in to your Ask A Cop Live on The Breeze radio show. Officer Antoine, I observed a truck pushing a disabled vehicle across the MLK bridge. I was very concerned about the safety of all who came into the path of this dangerous act. Officer Antoine as far as I could tell they were able to safely cross the bridge without any additional problems. Could they receive a ticket for pushing one vehicle with another without and towing ropes or chains?

Answer: Good question, caller! I can understand the safety concerns that you have observed when you seen a vehicle pushing another vehicle without power across the MLK bridge. Caller, at this time there is not a law that I’m aware of in Texas that address a vehicle pushing another vehicle but there are laws that govern a vehicle being towed or pulling another vehicle in Texas. In reality, caller, I guess we need to thank and praise the driver of the vehicle that pushed this disabled vehicle across the bridge because that was a serious safety concern having a stalled vehicle on the MLK bridge. There’s no telling the chain of events that would have occurred if a disabled vehicle shut down one direction of travel on a two-lane bridge. Today, many people don’t help out stranded motorists, many just go around and watch you suffer alone. Caller, I can recall back when I was younger — which was many, many, many years ago — citizens would band together to give each other a hand when someone had a stranded vehicle. So the vehicle pushing another vehicle was not in violation of any state law, and I’m sure the operator of the pushed vehicle is grateful.


Mr. G from Port Arthur asks: I recently received my disabled veteran license plate. It doesn’t have a wheelchair symbol on it and I need to know if these plates will allow me to park in the normal handicap parking spots. I’m afforded access to toll roads for free.

Answer: Good question, Mr. G! When anyone is issued a Disabled Veteran license plate in the state of Texas they are afforded all parking privileges of the non-veterans disabled placard or plates are allowed. Mr G, Texas also provides a waiver of fees for driver license and plates for service member who experienced disabled service-related disability rating of 60% or greater. Texas also provides free parking at parking meters to disabled veterans. Such plates need not show the international accessibility symbol. Mr G, thanks for informing me that in Texas, the toll road fees are waived as well.


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