Published 11:09 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What were you doing in 2014? The olive oil I just sniffed, tasted and couldn’t resist dabbing onto my cheeks was getting bottled into Holman Ranch Estate Grown Olive Oil. Twenty years before that, Jarman was cycling through Tuscany dreaming of a select olive oil business. The Holman Ranch, famous for everything from a Mediterranean climate, visiting movie stars of yesteryear, mountain lions and wine, was established in 1928. Perhaps I could tour this Carmel Valley, Calif., legendary estate some day. I’m currently getting a taste via drizzles of good, good olive oil. This is the stuff that brings to mind Biblical references of something sacred. Fruity oil this flavorful fills in to soothe the “cracks” of life, healing the body.

Getting poetic? Maybe. But just uncork some of this stuff and transform your morning toast into a fortifying, flavorful meal. I cook with olive oil daily. As we enter the Thanksgiving season, and the giving mode of the rest of 2016, I’ll be timing the rest of this bottle of olive oil to go out with the year, both reserving and indulging as necessary.


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I’ve always though it was “hip to be square, or rectangle, when you can stack and consolidate space. Is my OCD showing? T-fal Ingenio Lever-Lock storage containers are an investment in beauty, food longevity and sanity. Just loo at their Lever-Lock lids that fold up for release and tuck in for sealing. Thick clear plastic lets you see colorful lentils, tempting candies, nourishing grains, etc. The locking lids black on top with a red lining for flourish. BPA free, of course. If you get a couple, you’ll want a couple more.

The T-fal Ingenio manual chopper truly worked for me to make an onion-based salsa, a condiment I could eat three times a day. It’s a simple container with a blade and pull string and the cleanup is easy, too. It worked even better than I could have ever anticipated. Basil leaves were ready for pesto in a few pulls.

Both of these are billed as holiday gifts for foodies. Make sure you get one for yourself as well. More on T-fal PerferformaPro Techno Release pots and pans later. Get ready to cook for crowds.

Pumpkin update from Rao’s

You don’t even have to work hard in your own kitchen to get trending with pumpkin. Rao’s Bakery has a selection of Pumpkin Pie Lattes. I enjoyed one with a toasted marshmallow flavor on one of our cooler days.