CULINARY THRILL SEEKER: Sit down and have a nice apple sandwich

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My grandmother always made a sandwich with a lettuce leaf topper, instead of the second slice of bread. Less filling, she’d say.

Sometimes I go with no bread, making apple slices the top and bottom with something like ham and Dijon mustard as the insides. For breakfast, try a peanut butter and apple sandwich.

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The deal is, the apple actually makes for a very filling snack or meal.

Shamrock Hotel memories

I was just reading about “The After Party,” Anton Disclafani’s novel set in 1950s Houston, when I saw it on a shelf at the Port Arthur Public Library. I read it in a weekend. I love that Google has afforded me the opportunity to have images of the Shamrock Hotel’s enormous lyre-shaped pool and other images of vintage River Oaks pop up. The story and setting are compelling, and I can now picture the girls’ monthly rare steak dinner at The Petrolium Club, cocktails at the Cork Club, luncheon at Sonny Look’s steak house and picking up groceries at Jamail’s on the maid’s day off. Funny, that with all the fashion, furnishings and emotions of this book, I’m recalling all the food references.

Igloo Road

Ever drive past 777 Igloo Road in Katy? There’s a giant Igloo Playmate at the welcome gate. It’s an office/gateway, of sorts, to guide you to the company store, which is packed with lunch bags, coolers and drink holders. If you didn’t know about this little place, it’s a fun adventure. Visit for more information.