CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Who tried the bacon-wrapped boudain?

Published 11:21 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nadine Kibodeaux of Nederland read about my “discovery” of bacon-wrapped boudain in last Wednesday’s Culinary Thrill Seeking, ran to Market Basket, and was dining on it by day’s end.

A certain officer of the law with a hugely popular Port Arthur News column messaged me that he had possibly gained weight just by reading about this temptation.

My family tried it for company and we have plans for the next installment.

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The story is that I just heard about the concept that does seem pretty obvious around here. I love that I kept mentioning it to hard-core cooks I know and everyone’s eyes got big. I “put it out there” and area foodies are responding.

“I tried the bacon wrapped boudain, Darragh, and will definitely have it again,” said Kebodeaux,” who I met through Texas Artists Museum. “I used Zummo boudain and I did not pre-cook the bacon. I wrapped a thin sliced piece of bacon in a spiral manner around the link of boudain and put it under the broiler, turned it over a couple of times, and removed it when the bacon was done. It was wonderful. I used a throw-away foil pan because all the fat from the bacon goes into the pan and keeps it from getting in your oven. You are right, being on the border of Louisiana where boudain is “king,” I can’t believe we had not heard of doing this.”

Here’s what we did:

My sister and her friend were headed in from Alabama, so here’s how we tried the bacon-wrapped boudain idea that just came into our lives.

First of all, ordering a shipment of D.J.’s boudain to take home to her son is always a priority. That done, we tended to our own links, cut in half and wrapped around the links, with the skin still on.

Just as predicted, they were popular.

My mother’s critique is that she got thick-cut bacon and she thought that a thinner cut would have crisped up more. I had already pre-cooked the bacon to give it a head start before running the pan under the oven.

These were served as supper with an omelet, biscuits and jasmine tea jelly that my nephew’s fiancé sent over.

Still loving your reactions and stories, readers. Keep ’em coming.