Went looking for pennies and found a heart

Published 11:18 pm Saturday, January 23, 2016

So I was taking my walk and looking for pennies when a pile of string on a bench caught my eye. I turned around and walked back to it and found it was a crochet heart, with a note inviting me to photograph it and tag it #PeytonHeartProject.

Just finding it put me in a spiritual mind, so I took a photo of the heart in the building where I found it, which had a chapel with the Bible open to the parable of the silver pieces. Message enough for me.

I read up that the Peyton Heart Project raises awareness of suicide and bullying. It’s named after a 13-year-old boy who died by suicide in 2014 after years of bullying. Read more at:

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I was touched by this method of spreading the word. After a while I’m going to release this heart back into the world. Maybe you’ll find it.

No More Snooze
Button: The 5 A.m. Miracle

Waking up early to run is what Jeff Sanders calls a double kick in the pants. Yet it’s kind of the whole concept he’s trying to pitch in his book “The 5 AM Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast.”

This is about being a rock star in your work and home life by maximizing your productivity and perfecting your schedule.

The results sound good, but do we want to wake up early for it? Sanders gets a “no way” response much of the time, but just read through. He can guide you through some tips, and he promises that you don’t exactly have to begin at 5 a.m. – that’s a guide to committing to make the good stuff happen. It’s all up to you. He’s got plenty of motivation, and here’s just a bit of it:

• Bounce out of bed bright and early.

• Hydrate like you live in the desert: He says your body is thirsty after sleep and he drinks a liter before his morning espresso.

• Quiet time is essential: develop a calm, inspirational habit.

• Fruit for breakfast: his green smoothie fits right in.

• Consume inspirational and informative content: Successful people do this.

• Pump your blood: Even 10 minutes of exercise can help. He’s a runner.

• Plan your day like you mean it: It puts you in the driver’s seat.