JANICE TODORA ON BOWLING: Scores hotter than winter

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As we head into Christmas week, this columnist and her family want to wish all the area bowlers a very Merry Christmas. We ask that you be safe and enjoy family.

With winter set to start the 21st and our area will experience a warmer than usual Christmas, bowlers at The Max don’t care what the season is as scores remain hot.

Monday’s Golden Oldies got things started as the top Senior male and female  bowlers produced this week’s top Senior scores. Gloria Divello led the ladies this week shooting games of 245-212-146 for a 603 set. Rick Hermsen led the men as he tossed games of 217-267-279 for a nice 763 set.

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Monday Night’s Valero league had Sami Jo Williams throw three hugh games to lead all the women this week as well as tie for this week’s lead overall. This columnist is noting that this is the second time, in recent weeks, that a female is in with the top overall weekly honors. Men, watch out: the ladies are making a statement.

Back to Sami Jo, she shot games of 256-257-268 on her way to a 781.

Nice bowling Sami Jo.

Wednesday Night’s Fun Bowlers League had the top male bowler of the week, as he tied with Sami Jo for this week’s overall honors. James Moity chunked games of 267 a near perfect 299 then a 215 for a 781 series. Great bowling James. One more honor score to note, Ryan Cooper was perfect in his second game of the night. Surrounding that 300 with games of 212 and 228, Ryan shot a nice 740 set.

For the first time that this columnist can remember the bowlers on the Thursday Night Energy Country Ford League were shutout. Although most of the bowlers are the same in the various leagues, competition is strong in each league.

Too all a very Merry Christmas!!

• 700s: Sami Jo Williams-256-257-268-781, Marcus Hale-246-238-224-708, Rick Hermsen-217-267-279-763, Aaron Beavens-242-218-246-706, RaeAnna Todora-227-276-230-733, Bill White-224-220-262-706, James Moity-267-299-215-781, Ryan Cooper-212-300-228-740, Trey Todora-218-264-226-708, Georgeann Richardson-255-223-235-713, Erik Postula-225-212-267-704.

• 600s: Bill White-268-654, Kirwin Melo-223-623, Bryan Boldt-231-646, James Neel-227-625, James Moity-278-699, Tyler Combs-252-678, Skipper Aesenault-253-676, Stan Ruth-267-679, Walter Tucker-258-641, Bill White-244-631, Troy Girolamo-257-631, RaeAnna Todora-233-653, CJ Moity-257-663, Shane Harlow-235-624, Branden Powell-253-684, Andrew Pridemore-259-678, Kevin Smith-243-627, Blake Dugas-222-619, Trey Todora-246-615, Matt Mannino-266-682, Logan Lomasney-266-688, Gloria Divello-245-603, Gary Vincent-227-609, James Pitre-235-609, Tommy Girolamo-217-630, Jason Beavens-224-646, James Neel-245-681, Avery Henry-237-675, Dean Wersig-236-642, Dick Chichester-218-613, Logan Lomasney-279-685, Bob Grusecki-234-643, Mike Wagner-220-604, Bobby Clark-234-628, Ray Todora-234-611, RaeAnna Todora-268-693, Eric Manthei-246-687, Jason Beavens-244-623, Aaron Beavens-274-621, Jonathan Martin-256-618, Shane Harlow-246-673, Rob Kistner-241-626, Jeff Witzleben-224-652, Ashlea Witzleben-243-631, David Bruno-229-602, Jason Nettelbeck-223-641, Jimmy Calder-222-612, Tony Falgout-247-613, CJ Moity-245-683, Kirwin Melo-256-628, Rick Hermsen-225-644, Russell Hebert-258-676, Dennis Thompson-225-613, Jamie Engle-230-654, Ronnie Sonnier-223-623, Sami Jo Williams-263-673, Tray Batson-243-611, George Duke-232-627, Derik Gund-226-638, Trey Todora-248-692, Langdon Gund-243-627, John Ramsey-222-613, Belinda Powell-246-639, Ben Wolfe-247-652, Thang Nguyen-233-667, Raul Bastidas-256-640, Chris Edwards-258-688, Curtis Harrington-254-660, Mark Maxwell-224-639, Rocky Garza-235-674, Ryan Worthy-240-637, Bill White-238-651.

• Monday Seniors: John Robison-183-476, James Pitre-215-546, Venix Morris-214-563, Roberta Dufour-152-430, William Gore-192-482, VJ Willis-191-526.

• Valero: Patsy Ronquille-197-468, Christopher Keisler-186-441, Jason Hale-174-509, Jeffery Moore-179-451, Justin Sanders-219-497, Gus Saba-171-474, Les Perrin-187-541, Scott Harlow-218-579, Kyle Miller-223-596, Dee Dennis-185-537, Charlene Wersig-181-453, Bonnie Maxwell-173-427, Georgeann Richardson-225-577, Maryana Kimball-192-458, Alanda Boldt-206-594, Debbie Mooney-121-322, Aaron Vanover-215-535, Farrell Menard-193-509, James Pitre-206-579, Matthew Maxwell-233-584, Larry Manganice-213-524, Sandy Robbins-162-452, Royce Robbins-192-549, Rusty Doucet-253-571, Adam Wersig-197-505, Robert Seymour-190-508, Gail Seymour-181-500, Kaylen Vera-143-384, Greg Yera-151-438, Will Bailey-146-409, Zach Wiley-143-396, Jamal Lowe-206-580, Darrell Robinson-233-544, Caitlin Pridemore-121-350, Britt Morphew-195-527, Ryan Keszeg-209-473, Sean Conner-161-420, Marisa Lalley-175-479, Matt Franklin-228-588, Jeremy Tremonte-199-534, Zachary Beckett-204-534.

• Road Runners: John Anderson-167-439, Hedy Zampini-186-482, Randy Zampini-182-508, Charlotte Banks-154-400, Gary Vincent-202-581, Phil Rogers-181-490, Bill Allen-180-518, Blanch Comeaux-204-492, Bill Lawless-177-510, John Greig-173-480.

• Queen Tumblers: Donna Kelly-162-419, Mimi Rose-160-405, Betty Shannon-180-440, Donna Loupe-142-399, Elsie Tweedel-162-426, Janice Todora-145-411, Dot Font-172-473, Joyce Porter-143-389, Martha Thomasson-153-431, Flo Benoit-175-444, Wilma Pace-136-339, Rita Hicks-178-489.

• Golden Oldies: Cynthia Williams-145-353, Bill Lawless-186-464, Frankie Hall-163-408, Brenda Mire-158-398, Cindy Hebert-149-327, VJ Willis-236-535, Venix Morris-201-562, William Gore-193-503, John Greig-178-461, Art Leon-164-472, Charlotte Banks-165-434, Blanch Comeaux-167-437, Cliff Mosley-216-564, Chris Heath-173-423, Paul Vaughan-202-540.

• Fun Bowlers: Corey Zampini-200-534, Dolores Rodrigues-153-382, Merced Rodrigues-181-467, Alan Kay-226-556, Charles Venable-203-543, Zack Barnwell-170-487, Kathy Perio-194-481, Lorrie Gallien-219-527, Perry Swiney-168-434, Charlene Wersig-179-508, Shannon Quinn-199-483, Carl Quinn-216-542, Judy Lynch-156-442, Stuart Ellis-205-540, Kerry Stevens-191-495, Blake Dugas-224-581, Bryan Chichester-222-585, Chayla Merritt-135-368, Matt Lumpkin-121-317, Chris Merritt-217-592, Ed Zuschlag-150-405, Ron Carlin-214-521, Micha Muller-171-490, Melissa Simeon-140-367, Zach Smith-164-431, Bobby Abraham-164-436, Jeff Lopez-133-375, Johnny Simon-211-574, Sue Rikoff-202-551, Kenny Johnson-224-544.

• Mid-County Mixed: Mita Ikari-180-438, Rose Quirante-186-463, Bruce VanBoskirk-184-473, Bill Lawless-178-461.

• Energy Country: Chuck Clark-193-495, Tammy Nick-192-513, Renee Moity-206-551, Jake Glenn-200-477, Buddy Sepeda-214-487, Linda Singleton-179-460, Patsy Ronquille-191-528, Gloria Divello-203-549, John Allen-254-580, Drew McClary-222-585, Rhonda Stout-226-588, Richard Calder-268-599, Karen Bellow-200-535, Felicia Johnson-159-396, Houston Rideaux-216-544, Joey Pitre-212-537, Cuong Cao-222-581, Susan Rankin-180-454, Matt Cain-160-428, Devon Rankin-200-491, Kayla Menard-126-341, Danny Duke-205-549, Gabriel Torres-207-582, Daniel Torres-205-567, Kelsie Binetti-190-489, Clay Mayhew-222-572, Heather LaBauve-165-447, Shelly Moity-181-450, Kevin Gros-182-440, Colton Matt-184-616, Michael Palermo-194-505, Jarred Morein-205-597, Chuck Burns-223-592, Aaron Richardson-167-436, Bonnie Maxwell-147-405, Judy Arsenault-202-509, Keith Morel-199-532, Rene Pulver-165-447,John Ferguson-182-483, Mason Ewell-184-477, Linda Morris-180-496, Laura Scully-181-489, Larry  Manganice-184-521, Alice Barnes-213-598, Michael Morvant-225-567, Janice Todora-175-475, Brian Smith-180-514, Trint Miguez-222-599.

• Stars of Tomorrow: Kayla Allen-129-351, Travis Bridges-67-171.