CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Feel like a crab? Or a Pumpkin?

Published 5:44 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sartin’s tip

The barbecued crabs at Sartin’s in Nederland are legendary, and it’s a bucket-list item for out-of-towners you are wanting to impress.

Did you know you can get just one of those guys for a couple of bucks? The timid tasters can get a little sample and try it out, just to say they did. Then, if they consider it too much “work” to get a lot of food out of these crunchy, seasoned tidbits, then they can go ahead and proceed to more filling fare, from onion rings and fried fish to shrimp and oysters.

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Doing the Dew

The pot on the stove at the party had cabbage, sausage and potatoes. The cook said the recipe came into his life along with his new CanCooker pot. The secret ingredient, he revealed, was a can of Mountain Dew.

Guess what it tasted like? Exactly like cabbage, sausage and potatoes cooked in Mountain Dew. Delivered as promised.

Pumpkin update

Triscuit has a limited edition flavor of cranberry and sage. I tried it dry, and would love to try it with a shmear of cream cheese and a cranberry on top. Or maybe a candied jalapeno. Now, here it comes: a pumpkin dip.

I also tried a sample of a friend’s pumpkin nut butter. Not tired of this flavor yet.

Let me know the weirdest thing you have seen in pumpkin this year.