Kathie Deasy: Lost and found

Published 8:45 am Monday, November 9, 2015

By Kathie Deasy

There are some things that could be lost and we would be better for it.

We could lose constant pain, a bad attitude, a habit of worrying, thinking a short-time memory or anger are a part of a personality, and on and on.
Don’t think that I forgot about losing weight. Problem is, you might find it, again. Yikes! This is one area you could call yourself a “loser,” while you’re losing weight.
Once again, think about what you’re saying about yourself and to others. Words are powerful and affect our lives. If we’re constantly talking negative, or talking about what we fear, we’ll eventually experience it.
Remember, you can “plan for peace,” even daily, and you’ll begin to have happy, peaceful, lives! And, that’s according to God’s Scriptures (Proverbs 12:20) English Standard Version.
As we travel through life, we experience loss in different ways on different levels, but it’s important not to get STUCK in a place where there is guilt or such grief that you are of no help or fun to yourself or others, and we should all be motivated to make a positive difference in this “big, bad, world.”
Another place people get stuck is in the grief process, mainly after they’ve lost a pet or family member, but, if we just focus, like when we look through our cameras or binoculars, to make everything clear, that process will help us get closure. There’s denial, guilt, blame, anger, crying and finally, we are found again, free and useful.
There are so many wonderful things to do and read about, traveling, learning new languages, writing, and enjoying family. My dear friend Buck Majors said to me years ago, “Kathie, I know I’ll never get everywhere I want to go and learn and do everything I want to do in this short lifetime.” I agreed, learners feel that way about life, regardless of their age.
Don’t lose heart!

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