Kathie Deasy: “Something New”

Published 8:32 am Monday, October 26, 2015

Sometimes in our lives we experience a loss that is truly devastating. It may be a person, a pet, a job or maybe nothing that dramatic, but, just the same, a loss, causing a void of some kind, making room for “something new.”
I am a fully committed lover of God and His Word, I find great, full, comforting hope with always a promise of an even better future in the wonderful life and path I travel, and I’m 73 years old with much more to do.
I don’t want to dwell on loss or the fact that I’m 73 years old, but, my point is to encourage you, the reader, to never stop the great adventure possible in this life, and as we move into the fall and winter seasons, think about doing “something new.”
I love the cool weather, I’m waterproof, so rain is lovely. The turning colors of the leaves and even the time change, as the dark comes earlier in our day, we still all have 24 hours (don’t waste them). I always remember that the day and night are the same to God, He doesn’t leave at night and say He’ll see us in the morning, He’s always with us (Psalm 139:12)! No fear.
Think about your life; church, schedule, travel, entertainment, and if there is a loss that leaves room for “something new” It may be a simple addition to your, life or it may be a new person, pet or job, and you may have already moved into this. Good for you.
I have recently experienced a loss, and after my grieving process, with great memories, I look through the pain to continue to love my family, working with my husband, pastoring, serving God, along with our music projects in our recording studio as we continue to write our music.
I am also an avid sports fan raised with athletics in my youth, still like to watch certain ones on TV and play a little golf (actually, play driving range) I have wanted to learn a new language. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on dvds and cds, or booklets from large companies. No excuses now. The library had several study books on the subject, I checked out two books and have committed to 1 hour 3 days a week to learn 5 new words. I found “something new”

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