Kathie’s Korner: Powerful Agreement

Published 3:19 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Agreement: to be in harmony, one accord, going together without conflict, agreed-upon contract — Webster’s Dictionary.
There are a few types of agreement. The main one I use, frequently, is the prayer of agreement.
As I open our Rock Church service with prayer, I go to the Father, in Jesus’ name and ask my church to agree with me in prayer, first, that America is free, and protected with leaders who follow God. If they don’t believe, I say, “Get ’em God!”
I’m not saying they should walk around in white robes looking holy, but following God is a smart, healthy, peaceful way of life, and I pray they seek God’s wisdom and promote unity and justice!
Legal Contracts are signed, some in front of notaries or witnesses, and the parties involved are in agreement with the terms. Marriage will flourish with agreement, maybe not in all areas, food or other forms of entertainment, but the main foundations should be agreed upon.
“… Give understanding and honor to your wife, that you may be heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.” “… be of one mind …” I Peter 3: 7 & 8 — NKJ. I honor, respect and enjoy my husband!
In parenting, it is critical that the parents agree, as they teach, guide, train and nurture their children, with intelligent, non-emotional, forms of punishment, in private. We didn’t yell at or spank our kids in public. I believe in: praise in public, punish in private. I think some people are too lazy to get up, pick up the child and quietly, go to a restroom with a couple spanks, hug and not bring it up again. (new concept) This, of course, changes as they grow older! A courteous thing to do for everyone in the immediate area!
Did you realize that when someone says something you don’t agree with and you are quiet, and don’t say anything, you are agreeing with them? I have learned a way to express my belief without starting an argument or being harsh, but, I won’t agree with fearful, ungodly, negative, unmerited conversation.
I enjoy agreeing with my family, friends and church-family for their needs and others they want to help. Where two or more agree on earth, and ask, it is done by our Father in heaven. Matthew 18:19 It is Powerful!
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