CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Why you want your tuna wild

Published 11:33 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuna has come a long way, baby. What could be easier than popping open a can to flake over crisp greens, white beans or a toasted slab of French bread. A stack of Safe Catch Wild Elite takes up a tiny space in the pantry and offers a wild world of options. It tastes very good and here are more reasons why you’ll want some:
Promoters say what’s in this can has 14g of protein, only 0.5g of fat and 60 calories per serving. Safe Catch is canned tuna that is the first tuna tested for mercury, radiation and cooked to pack in more Omega 3s than other tuna brands, they say.
Sit back with some wild skipjack.
 It’s not even January
Now that it’s summer you’ll want to stock your freezer with…
Did you say soup? Tabatchnick hopes you did, because they’ve come out with very low-calorie frozen soups to shape you up for beach season. Microwave a pouch of cream of mushroom for 100 calories and stay in that range for flavors like barley & Mushroom to Wilderness wild Rice.  They were created to offer flavor and make you feel satisfied, especially when paired with leafy green salads. These frozen offerings also tend toward lower sodium canned options, makers say. It’s an easy work lunch.
Barley & Mushroom Soup reminded me how filling a handful of barley can be in your meal. They cooked up just right.
New York Style Chicken Broth with Noodles & Vegetables – They do it a little differently in New York, with wider noodles, I learn. I have to respect.
 Prince of Peace
Tea can fill you up and fortify you and it doesn’t have to be full of sugar, or even honey for that matter. Someone has shared with me a few bags of Prince of Peace 100 percent oolong tea and one bag makes a pretty strong pitcher. I’m calling it full-on tea. It’s full of flavor and keeps the energy up.

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