Energy Transfer, Memorial students plants trees for Port Arthur

Published 12:18 am Friday, May 3, 2024

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In celebration of Arbor Day, Energy Transfer sponsored a tree planting April 26 at S/Sgt Lucian Adams Memorial Park in Port Arthur, which is just a few miles from its Nederland Terminal.

“Employment at the facility supports nearly 230 individuals and their families that live in the surrounding communities,” an Energy Transfer statement read. “Given the historic industry presence in the area, Port Arthur represents a significant opportunity for nature-based solution implementation.”

Trees selected for this planting include fast growing native species that support flood mitigation and urban heat island reduction, while sequestering carbon and other air pollutants, organizers said.
A mix of 120 short and tall canopy species formed a vegetative buffer of hollies, elms, oaks, magnolias and sycamore.

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Green Thumb Nursery sourced these species locally.

The trees planted by this partnership are projected by iTree to sequester more than 82,750 lbs of CO2 over the next 10 years, while intercepting over 363,600 gallons of rainfall.

“At WHC, we believe that every act of conservation matters. As we plant these trees donated by Energy Transfer, next to various pipeline rights-of-way, it’s an excellent showcase of the harmony that’s possible between industry and biodiversity uplift. Events like this Arbor Day collaboration between WHC, Energy Transfer, local schools, and the City of Port Arthur are a proving ground for demonstrating how community-based conservation efforts can reverse biodiversity decline and provide uplift for birds and wildlife, while tangibly improving life for community members in the area,” said Patricia Billette, Wildlife Habitat Council’s Social Impacts Program Manager.

The planting was carried out in conjunction with students at Memorial 9th Grade Academy and Memorial High School. Students planted trees alongside Energy. Students were taught about native species, air monitoring, biodiversity, ecology and career opportunities.

“This endeavor specifically emphasizes environmental literacy, encouraging exploration and enabling students to share their interest in environments. In light of our planet’s increasing carbon footprint, it is crucial that our students have a strong foundation in sustainability literacy, understanding the impact of their actions on the environment. Our aim is to cultivate innovative, proactive, global citizens who value life-long learning and are eager to contribute positively to the world,” said Dr. Angel Murphy, Principal of Memorial 9th Grade Academy.

Lisa Coleman, who works in public relations for Energy Transfer, said the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship is woven into all aspects.

“From design and construction, to restoration and operation, we are dedicated to protecting the environment around us and ensuring its long-term integrity for future generations,” she said.