Port Neches homes set for demolition after numerous violations, safety concerns

Published 12:40 am Saturday, April 20, 2024

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PORT NECHES — “Not this time looser.”

The sign taped inside the front door of a home with a history of city violations seemingly mocks Port Neches staff attempting to make contact.

But on Thursday, city leaders took the first step in condemning the structure at 814 Llano Street, as well as a second structure with a different owner at 2037 9th Street.

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The city has liens on the property dating back to 2017 for weeds. There are a number of recorded violations showing the structure is unfit for human occupancy, prohibited occupancy, rubbish and garbage, and plumbing facilities and fixtures, as well as back property taxes owed, according to information from the city of Port Neches.

One problem explained by Public Works Director Clint Fore is the owner would periodically comply with the city’s ordinances, then fall out of compliance later.

City Manager Andre Wimer said the Llano Street property could be a squatter type situation and needs to be vacated and boarded secure.

“It is my understanding the house has been sold and there are no longer individuals living in the house,” Wimer said.

The “Not this time looser” sign was directed at Port Neches Fire Chief Eloy Vega.

Fore said the condemnation hearing is the final step where, once approved, allows the city to take authority and allow police officers to arrest people for trespassing who are on the property.

‘”More recently, it was suspected as a squatter situation, so that’s when, obviously, we decided to send it to city council and have something finally done,” Fore said. “A lot f times when you do put pressure on the property owner that doesn’t live in the area, just owns the property here, it’s pretty common. They don’t care. They don’t see what we see, right? But when you put pressure on them, something like this usually happens and they end up selling the property.”

According to the Jefferson County Appraisal District website, the property is now owned by Quest Trust Company as of April 5.

Other property

Council also approved the condemnation of a structure at 2037 9th Street.

Wimer said this piece of property has been a reoccurring issue with the city in terms of collecting junk and debris

The property has been cleared by the city at least once, maybe twice, then it comes back.

Building official Daniel Dowd said there are no services connected to the property.

The city has filed a lien for repeated violations of accumulation of debris and rubbish, there are unpaid property taxes and number violations have been filed including structure unfit for human occupancy, prohibited occupancy, rubbish and garbage, plumbing and fixtures.

In addition to the hoarding and disconnected services, the city said there are two to three dogs living in the house and the condition of the animals is unknown.

Dowd said looking inside, there is wall-to-wall hoarding and there is concern for a fire hazard.

Fore and Dowd presented photos of the property, to which Mayor Glen Johnson noted extension cords and a lamp, calling it a “blatant disregard” for the neighbors.

According to the Jefferson County Appraisal District website, the property is now owned by Puttana Holdings Inc. as of July 2015.