LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Prayer by the River always helps

Published 12:04 am Saturday, March 23, 2024

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It does not matter where you pray, just be sure you pray.

In Acts 16:13 Paul came across a group of women who made it customary to go by the river to pray. These women would go by the river on the Sabbath Day.

The Sabbath Day was a day of weekly repose from secular activities.

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As Paul and his other missionary team members sat down by the river with these women there was a Godly business woman named Lydia. The Bible says she worshipped God.

The word worship in verse 14 originally meant to fall back before God. Lydia’s bodily movement as an act of worship before God expressed her attitude of respect because she was impressed by God’s greatness and loftiness. She adored and worshipped the true God.

As they prayed by the river, God opened her heart to listen to the words of Paul. As a result, she and her household were baptized. Afterwards, she asked, “Do you judge me to be faithful to the Lord?”

Since they had judged her to be faithful to the Lord, she invited them to her house to abide there. Thank God for praying for women.

— Dr. Harry Abrams, Port Arthur