Darling Orange Boutique celebrates 4-year anniversary with rebrand

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 31, 2024

ORANGE — An Orange County business that began during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has reached its 4-year anniversary.

It transformed from a former consignment shop into a vision that became The Darling Orange Boutique.

The business celebrated its anniversary Jan. 28 at its brick-and-mortar location of 2339 MacArthur Drive in Orange.

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Owner Kimberly Scott says her business success was due to her rebranding Asher Lewis, a consignment shop, by adding a “Boutique Flair.” This included adding unused items as well as partnering with local female vendors.

“I wanted the store to feel less like a Goodwill and more like a boutique experience,” she said. “So, I took out the men’s department and added new items like jewelry, hair accessories, trendy apparel and Stanley cups.”

To give the store a cohesive-feel, Scott mixed consignment clothes with the new items instead of having booths and rented spaces.

“I decided to wave the consignment fee for a few reasons,” she said. “I don’t want people to pay a fee if they haven’t sold anything,” she said. “But this also allows me to change up the displays so I can sell items faster. I want to have complete control of my boutique.”

Scott said she was a consigner with Asher Lewis for years, and this gave her an inside look of how this type of business is operated.

“I still take in consigned items, but the rules aren’t as strict as they were with the previous store,” she said. “I want people to feel like they can bring their items during the store hours without feeling they will be turned away for coming at the wrong time. Also, there isn’t a set price for items. The client and I agree to a deal before they leave. I feel like I have regained previous customers with this type of agreement.

“When I bought the store during COVID, we were shut down. However, my online presence helped with selling items. I was doing virtual shopping for customers and utilizing Facetime to show clothes and accessories to possible buyers. But that was also the year of the stimulus checks and everyone had more money to spend, as well as being stir-crazy at home.”

Scott said before buying the consignment shop, she taught physics and math, as well as wearing the hat as the drill team director for a decade.

She added a formal wear section as well as spirit gear for students to pay homage to her former years as an educator.

“December and January do very well in the formal-wear department,” she said. “There are individual dressing rooms that have space for the ladies to try the dresses on.”

As far as the future is concerned, the store is currently stocked with Mardi Gras- and Valentine’s Day-themed apparel and accessories to reign in February festivities.

For more information, call The Darling Orange Boutique at 409- 920-1106.

— Written by Sierra Kondos