Port Arthur man writes, directs and stars in “I’m Going Home,” which premieres Saturday 

Published 12:20 am Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Christopher Newman is a native of Port Arthur who grew up watching a standard of excellence, he recalls, on different levels from professional athletes, state titles, nationally recognized musicians and accomplished professionals.

He remembers those who reached the highest heights of success; yet, he witnessed many talented individuals succumb to the lowest levels of life.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand at an early age that being from Port Arthur you can be anything you apply yourself towards, but talent doesn’t make you immune from failure,” he said. “That in itself was an inspiration to share a creative story that would entertain but also edify, because nationwide there are many people who can relate to the joy and the pain of growing up in a talented but socially challenged environment.”

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He recently completed an independent film project, filmed in Port Arthur, Beaumont and Houston, and is premiering the work, “I’m Going Home,” at 7 p.m. Saturday at Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont.

He said the great part of filming in the Golden Triangle and Houston is being able to identify with the environment.

“Once the film is on streaming platforms, people can view the film from anywhere and be able to show other people a piece of their hometown,” Newman said.

The movie’s synopsis follows a close family facing multiple challenges. One cousin has cancer, another with marital issues after military deployment and one is involved in street drama.

The film is surrounded by a Gospel message of the prodigal son and includes appearances from multi-platinum artists Willie D, Lil Keke, Johnny Dang, Billy Cook and ESG.

The film will also be available March 21 at the AMC Gulf Pointe 30 in Houston.

This summer, according to Newman, “I’m Going Home” will be available on streaming platforms that will be announced later.

“The vision that we initially had for the film was executed, but it also grew with the amount of celebrity appearances we were able to secure,” Newman said. “We were able to make minor adjustments to acclimate several artists in the film, and the end result was satisfying to our entire team.”

Newman wrote and directed the project. He also plays the role of Pewee, who is related to the three main characters. Pewee finds himself in the middle of everybody’s problems, all while trying to make amends with his personal problems.