BOB HOPE SCHOOL — Homework needed to remove the gaps in education

Published 12:10 am Saturday, November 25, 2023

One of the most important things a child can do to excel in education is to have the ability to read.

In the United States however, reading ability for students is falling behind expectations. According to the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance, only 35 percent of all 4th graders are reading at or above grade level.

In addition to this, 64 percent of all 8th graders across the United States do not read on level.

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The Bob Hope School, a charter school network established in 2010, has implemented curriculum plans that attempt to correct this issue at all grade levels, and the heart of this correction starts with a simple concept: students need homework.

Charter schools in the state of Texas are similar to public schools in the fact that they are publicly funded and overseen by the Texas Education Agency. However, charter schools are funded from state and federal money, along with donations and grants.

The expectations for success at charter schools are the same as the expectations with public schools, as both schools are subject to state accountability measures. However, there are great differences in curriculum and how students develop academically between public and charter schools.

The motto of Bob Hope Schools includes that we value honesty, respect, no bullying and all students completing homework. The use of homework for our students is so important that our students repeat this motto every morning at each campus.

So why is homework so important for the growth of a child academically?

For one, it gives the student a chance to bring home the skills they are acquiring at school and allows them the opportunity to review. When children are assigned homework, their parents can actively engage in the learning process with their child.

This is extremely important in the growth of a student, as parental support is a major factor in educational achievement. Additionally, we have always been taught the old phrase “practice makes perfect.”

If a child wants to be a successful football player, they have to make sure to go to practice, if they want to play baseball, they have to toss the ball around in the backyard and if they want to be an excellent trumpet player, they have to rehearse often at home.

Academics is no different than sports or music in this viewpoint. If we want to reduce the literacy gaps within students, they need to be reading at home with their parents.

If we want to improve reading comprehension, our students need to be learning vocabulary through their daily homework. These are all things homework can help to improve in the academic development of a child.

While homework has been made into a “bad” word for students, the importance of having it cannot be understated. Teachers need to be able to see that their students are making growth, and students need to be able to practice the skills that will help them to be academically successful.

At Bob Hope Schools homework is just another method that is used to make sure that our students can reach their full potential.

Rick Frey is Bob Hope School lead campus director. He can be reached at 409-983-3244, Ext. 600.