Port Arthur actor brings “Egress” screenings, production to Southeast Texas

Published 12:28 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

Port Arthur’s Justin P. Slaughter has taken audiences out-of-this-world by staring in sci-fi adventure film “Egress” and the follow-up series of the same name.

Those space and other-planet scenes were largely created through production in Washington state.

Now the 2008 Memorial High School graduate is bringing the magic of the industry home through special screenings and new local production.

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Slaughter, who plays lead Adam Huxley in Egress, has also become part owner of production company IAJ MEDIA, which produces Egress.

That includes serving as executive producer.

IAJ MEDIA is hosting a three-episode screening of Egress Nov. 18 at Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont.

“Redemption,” “The Rattlesnake” and “Dead In The Water” are scheduled, and those interested in acting or production are encouraged to attend because producers are looking to fill cast and crew jobs.

The production team is bringing filming to Southeast Texas for specific scenes for a follow-up Egress film.

Anyone can attend the Egress: Triple Feature Event. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster. Children 3 and under are free. There’s a QR code on the film poster that can be scanned or you can go to ticketmaster.com/event/3A005F4CA32B239D.

“Where hoping to begin filming within the first quarter of next year,” Slaughter said. “I can’t share exact locations, but it’ll be around the Port Arthur and Beaumont area, being that now both cities are officially a Texas Film Friendly Community ordered by Governor Greg Abbott.”

Slaughter said he is excited for local film fans and artists to come together and see these episodes.

“Not just that, I’m excited for them to see what’s to come for our area next year, being that we’ve previously filmed in Washington state,” he said. “This can be a game changer and a win-win for everyone.”

Everyone who attends gets an exclusive screening, a view of the Egress toys and details on how they can get involved. Adults and children are welcome.

The production team is working to complete filming and post production by November 2024 with an early 2025 release.

Part owner

Slaughter has worked with Clarito and Kristina Zapanta, CEO and CFO of IAJ MEDIA, for a couple of years, joining the team through his portrayal of Adam Huxley in Egress.

He said his commitment and passion to the role and company led to the part-ownership offer, as well as contributions in front of the camera and behind the camera.

“It’s very important to me because I wanted to not only establish longevity in my career but build something even greater with the people I’ve grown to love, admire and share common goals,” Slaughter said. “We’ve become a family like team.”

Story details

Slaughter’s role in the Egress film is ex-military man turned bounty hunter Adam Huxley.

The film sets up Enji Corp, which is rooted in totalitarianism and determined to bend people and ecosystems to its order. In the name of “Unified Freedom,” Enji troops ruthlessly wipe out populations and life throughout the solar system.

A security officer uncovers the government’s distorted plans. Facing a mysterious illness, she is determined to stop them.

Using a stolen military bio-weapon, she threatens to halt the hostile takeovers and save one of the last remaining worlds.

Enji Corp posted an extravagant reward for her capture. Slaughter then works to track her down.

Slaughter reprises his role for the series.

“Adam has been a bounty hunter for a good while after he left the Enji Corporation,” Slaughter previously said of the character. “Right after the situation that happened with Kess and Huxley getting ready to leave the forest moon, him and Vic got a notification on their data pad that they have another bounty to retrieve, and the film ended with Huxley saying, ‘back to work …’ So there’s definitely more worlds to explore, more bounties to pursue.”