LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Keep homework at school, where the resources are

Published 12:08 am Friday, October 6, 2023

How often have you read or heard about our badly broken our public school system?

And, I might add the data on the system suggest that there is a problem. However, let me say that is my belief that the school system is accomplishing its mission: “To provide a quality education.”

Let me suggest to you the real culprit and the real problem on the issue; the students that don’t want to learn or won’t learn.

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Look back on your own experience. Able students that did not perform well generally had these characteristics; didn’t study, failed to do their homework, skipped school, skipped class, did not participate in class, were disruptive in class, slept in class, didn’t pay attention in class.

Kids just want to have fun, fun, fun! Teachers scream at this sort of behavior and at times even leave the profession because of this conduct.

At the cord of this unacceptable behavior are often parents that are not involved in their child’s education. Studies show that students do better and excel in their academics when their parents get involved with their education.

Even if parents find certain academic subjects overwhelming, they can still encourage their offspring by simply asking questions, like; have you done your home work, what you want to be when you grow up, do you want to go to college, do you want to go to trade school, tell me about your class work, tell me about you teacher, how are you doing in school, would you like to do better in school, would you like to have a tutor, etc.

It would be a great help if students could do their homework at school.

School is where are the resources are located including tutors, teachers, library and friends to help.

Sending homework home is a disaster. Home provides too many distractions and too many other fun things to do.

— Armando Gaytan, Port Arthur