Port Arthur grad’s journey from Congo to U.S. inspires children’s book

Published 12:30 am Sunday, October 1, 2023

Gloria Walker and her family lived in  Port Arthur and she graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 2001.

It’s part of an amazing journey that has led Walker to pen a children’s book.

“While my mom and I were attending an international church convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the end of 1998, we were unable to go back to the Democratic Republic of Congo because of the second Congo war,” Walker recalls. “My mom and I were separated from my siblings and dad. We had some friends in Southeast Texas, and they suggested that we settle in Port Arthur until we could be reunited with our family.”

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She ended up staying for nearly 11 years, eventually moving to Houston for job opportunities after she got married.

She expected her book-writing experience to be an easy and fun experience to share her story; however, she notes how challenging the process was because it resurfaced some difficult times in her life.

“It reminded me of how Port Arthur helped my family adapt to a new life,” Walker said. “The most satisfying part of the finished product was knowing that my story will be able to inspire children and adults of different backgrounds from across the world.

“I am proud that it was the No. 1 new top release in three categories of children books: women biographies, multicultural and people of color biographies for 10 consecutive days.”

Now, Walker wants readers to know they have someone who relates to them.

“I want them to know that they are never alone, trusting that God is with them in this journey,” she said. “Stay focused, persistent and those dreams in your heart will come true.”

She said her time in Port Arthur was a course of courage and confidence to trust God in difficult circumstances.

“I am grateful to call Port Arthur my hometown,” she said.

Port Arthur graduate Gloria Walker’s new book, “The Journey AHEAD: Not Always a Dream,” is available through Amazon. (Courtesy photo)  

The book

The Congolese American’s children’s book is “The Journey AHEAD: Not Always a Dream.”

It centers around Walker’s life and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Walker, a Christian, author, speaker and educator, penned a story that centers around the true stories of her life and is designed to empower, uplift and motivate youth.

Her faith in God was a crucial source of strength through this transition.

She shares how she grew stronger through each trying event in her life. Her inspirational story sheds light on how others can use resilience, determination and their unique potential to overcome obstacles and enjoy fulfilling lives.

By growing resilient through her strong faith, Walker is able to share her story to the benefit of young people everywhere.

Readers learn to strengthen themselves through Walker’s stories of adversity and perseverance.

Walker is married to her devoted husband and has two beautiful daughters.