ASK A COP — Can we drive through red light that won’t cycle through?

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Sam from Port Arthur asks: We approached a traffic light on Highway 365 to attend one of our regular dining establishments. This particular light cycled not once, not twice, but three times without changing. My patience was wearing thin watching others stop and go through their light that was cycling correctly. I must say there were a couple of cars that went around me and turned left on the red light, so I eventually followed suit and turned left on red. Even in this case, where I waited so long, would I still be wrong?

Answer: I’m sure the City of Port Arthur as well as the State of Texas electricians do their best to stay on top of the correct functionality of our traffic signals. As we all know, if man made it, the item shall surely break or malfunction. It’s rational to think and say somebody will experience this daily. I believe you are aware you broke the law and turned left on red, which is disregarding a red light. I believe the knowledge is not out in the driving community enough that you canNOT take it upon yourself and turn through a red traffic light that won’t change to green no matter how many cycles it rotates through. There are two choices a driver can make. Either stay longer at the light and wait or put on your RIGHT signal on and when it’s clear, move out of the turning lane and make a lawful U. Remember if you are involved in a crash because you failed to wait and turned left on red, you will be held as the fault vehicle.

Dale from Port Neches asks: I have been a licensed driver in the State of Texas for over 42 years. My granddaughter took your class a few years ago and told me you advised if you are being stopped, “DO NOT EXIT THE CAR UNTIL TOLD TO BY POLICE.” This is directly opposite of what I’ve been told since I’ve been driving. I was under the thought that you should get out and meet the officer. Have things changed now? Is she right?

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Answer: TIMES have changed. She is 100 percent correct, at least as far as I am concerned. Keep in mind there is a 99 percent chance the police officer stopping you doesn’t know who you are. So for you to exit your vehicle and walk towards the police unit will probably cause tension that wouldn’t have occurred had you remained in your vehicle until otherwise instructed to do so by the officer. I am not quite sure how they handled those 40-plus years ago, but I can inform you today, STAY in your vehicle until instructed to do otherwise. Remember to keep your hands in plain view and DO NOT get busy trying to find documents until told to do so by the officer.

Kacey from Port Arthur asks: I recently injured my left foot and am in a cast and walking boot. A security officer who told me, “Don’t let the police catch you driving with that boot, they will give you a ticket” encountered me. I’m going through so much already that I took the security officer by his word. It’s been three weeks since I’ve driven and I’m an independent woman. It’s been really tough on me depending on others to get me around. Was the security guard correct? Can I drive with the boot?

Answer: Your answer is “YES,” you can drive your vehicle with the boot on your left foot. Did your doctor restrict you from driving? If not, then it is permissible by the state of Texas for you to drive. If you feel like you are physically capable to operate your motor vehicle, then go right ahead. Everyone knows how it is to depend on others to get around, and now Kacey you can take yourself.

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