ASK A COP — Can an apartment complex go after expired registration stickers?

Published 10:46 am Monday, March 27, 2023

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Oscar from Port Neches asks: I’m having a discussion with my friend about expired registration stickers on apartment complexes. Of course, it’s private property, but can the apartment complex have my vehicle towed just for an expired registration sticker?

Answer: Apartment complex communities are private properties; therefore, they can set and establish whatever policies they want to declare and enforce on their property. Most complexes require your stickers be current, because they don’t want their complex parking lot to turn into a vehicle salvage yard. It would do you some good to read the lease signed upon moving in. I’m sure it’s there. Apartment complexes can establish their own rules. I have even heard that locally there is a complex that will have a vehicle towed if they back into the parking space instead of pulling in to a parking space. What’s strange is that it’s proven safer to back in and pull out, than to pull in and back out. You have choices you can either comply or find a different location to reside.

Officer Rickey Antoine

Barnes from Port Arthur asks: My daughter recently was given a ticket for failing to yield the right of way from stop sign, and I was looking for a defensive driving class to go to before her court date. I don’t want this to go on her driving record because my insurance premium will most likely go up. Do you know any class locally here that she can attend?

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Answer: Having a child get a citation from a moving violation really does threaten to increase your insurance premium. But first I have to slow you down a little on taking the class before you go to court. If you do that you will find yourself in a difficult position, meaning when you receive a citation from a police officer you are commanded to go to COURT first. You will need to go to court first and you will also need to order your daughter’s driving record from the state of Texas. Once you receive permission from the court to take a defensive driving course, then you can proceed to take the course. The state of Texas allows a motorist to take a safety driving course only ONCE a year. If she takes the course before the court gives her permission, she will use up her opportunity to take the course. Wait until the court gives her/you instructions. I’m not a liberty to suggest ANY class. You will need to contact the court for that information. I will tell you that the state even allows defensive driving courses online.

Minnie from Nederland asks: I have two questions. Would you please write a booklet with all the questions and answers you have given in the paper? This would be great to be able to look back at them when a question comes up. TALK ABOUT A BEST SELLER! Hopefully you have all this information saved on your computer. Second question is when transporting a person to the hospital in an emergency, can anyone drive over the speed limit with their flashers on? Not breaking the speed-of-light driving, but rather 5 to 10 mph over the posted speed limit?

Answer: I have been approached on several occasions about writing a book of all the questions and answers of this column, but me being me, I just laughed it off. I have never ever imagined the angle of composing a book or booklet for the column. I now believe those that have come before you were serious about having something they can go back and review if any incident should arise. Minnie, a BEST SELLER, well, all I can say is “who knows,” just maybe, but it must be composed first! Now, let’s deal with your second question. The only vehicles allowed to travel over the posted speed limit are emergency vehicles, i.e. police units, fire engines or ambulances. This applies even in emergencies. If your vehicle is not an authorized emergency vehicle, you will be in violation of state law if you travel over the posted speed limit transporting someone to the emergency room. With that said, police officers are NOT without understanding. I’m more than sure if a police officer stops you or anyone for speeding and observes you have someone in your vehicle who is in need of emergency medical treatment, they will be more-than-accommodating to get you there in a safe and efficient manner, like a police escort. The flashers are hazard lamps, not EMERGENCY flashers. Motorists should not activate those lights in an event of an emergency. Motorists should ONLY activate the hazard lamps when they are traveling well under the posted speed limit to notify approaching vehicles your car is moving slowly.

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