BRIGHT FUTURES — Indiya Staten works through pressure, prepares for neurology career

Published 12:40 am Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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NEDERLAND — Even with one year of high school left, Indiya Staten understands the pressure today’s teenagers face when preparing for their future.

The National Honor Society member is immersed in academics with a focus on STEM. But when she’s not in school, the 16-year-old knows the importance of balance.

“It takes over your life; I think a lot of high schoolers can relate to that,” she said. “With all I do, outside of school I try to make sure I make time for myself so I’m not so immersed in academics and not thinking of other things that are also important.”

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For Staten, making time for herself is most enjoyable when reading, studying the Bible and being with her family.

“I’m a big reader,” she said. “I love books and being able to go on adventures through books. And Bible study — I love studying my Bible. That’s the thing that makes me the most sane. And it allows me to have some peace in my days that are just so chaotic. I’m able to sit down, study my Bible and connect back with the Word.”

Indiya Staten said reading, spending time with family and studying her Bible are her favorite pastimes. (Monique Batson/The News)

She and her family enjoy movie nights on Saturdays, occasional weekend trips and vacations in the summer.

That’s one of the reasons she not only chose her future profession, but also her intended schools.

Staten intends to become a neurologist.

“It’s a combination of all of the things I’ve always tried to find a career in. It’s STEM,” she said. “It’s about the brain, which is really fascinating to me. It has aspects of math. It has aspects of engaging in the community and being a part of health care, which is really important to me. I really like the health care field.”

Her mother is a social worker, so health care are at the forefront of her focus, even if she admittedly loves all subjects.

“I just love learning and seeing new things,” she said. “I think this year my favorite class would have to be health science, just because it has the most to do with what I want to go into.”

She hopes to finish her senior year in 2024 with a certificate as a Patient Care Technician before starting at Lamar University, where she can stay close to family. After undergrad, she hopes to attend Rice University.

“Indiya is currently enrolled in History AP, English III AP and Biology AP and has made straight As all semester,” said English teacher Nathan Huckaby. “She is an exceptional student and stands out as a leader among her peers.”

Prior to high school, Staten attended schools in districts such as Beaumont and Goose Creek. However, she’s delighted with where she landed.

“I love all of my teachers,” she said. “My teachers are amazing. I love this school. Out of all of the schools and all of the districts I’ve been to, definitely Nederland has been the best in my opinion. It’s so community oriented. It keeps morale high for everybody. It’s very academically oriented. It really prepares you for the future.”