LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Foster’s boxing win highlights local history

Published 12:04 am Friday, February 24, 2023

Just a little introduction to Port Arthur history.

It is interesting to note that two from SETX have fought for the Junior Lightweight Championship of the world.

I was pleased to see that O’Shaquie “Shock” Foster (of Orange) won the Junior Lightweight Championship boxing.

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In the 60s, Paul Jorgensen, a native Port Arthurian, fought Harold Gomes for the Junior Lightweight Championship.

At that time championship bouts went 16 rounds, rather than 12.

In a 16-round fight, Jorgensen knocked Gomes down three times and yet lost a decision.

There was some suspicion of a fix in that the bout took place in Gomes’ hometown.

It is interesting to note that two from SETX fought for the same championship.

— Carl Parker, Port Arthur