LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Higher bills means change time in Port Arthur

Published 12:20 am Thursday, November 3, 2022

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What did I tell you? Water rates were going up.

First $1.75 for trash, even after the rate for trash went up at the first of the year. Now water.
I used 3.6 in 36 days, charged $26.49. This bill is for 3.5 in 27-day and billed $28.06.

$3.57 of less water not even the extra sewer charge.

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When will it end?

When we get of the Lazy Boy and put these people out of office.
The water department has been in the red for years because of a lost contract, and in last year every City employee got a raise, so now we, the citizens. have to pay.
How about the split with Beaumont of a government grant of $25 million?

I have said enough. The City is poorly run. So next time, get out and vote. That is the only way Port Arthur citizens will get honest people in office.


— Warren Grammer

Port Arthur