LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Twin City Highway infractions indicative of Port Arthur concerns

Published 12:10 am Monday, September 19, 2022

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“Protect and Serve”: When is Port Arthur going to fulfill this statement?

What about on Twin City? 40 mph is the speed limit and is not enforced. Do you not have speeders, drag racing, loud exhaust and loud vulgar music?

Not a police man on duty in sight, even in the school zone.

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I watched two officers at the convenience store stand and watch a drag race happen from the red light.

I ask, how many tickets were written for racing, speeding, heads lights out and loud music? I would wager none.

These traffic stops, guns and drugs could be found. No insurance could be found, no driver’s license and warrants. How about in school zones?

People not abiding speed limits, running stop signs, talking on cell phones and going in wrong directions on a one way street.

This goes on around Tyrrell school.

Now for “Serve.” The City has OKed power, gas and trash service to go up. Added $1.75 extra for trash to everyone’s bill and soon water.

This is to make up for a shortage in the water department. And how about our streets?

They are the worst in the history of Port Arthur.

Was your street flooded in the last storm?

That is the City’s problem, also.

“Protect and Serve” are just words on police cars, they don’t mean anything. But who is really at fault, the voters.

Look at the turnout with the last election. Not many, so we get what we deserve.

So when you get hit by another car with no insurance, ask yourself if you voted.

— Warren Grammer, Port Arthur