LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Parents must be involved

Published 12:01 am Friday, June 3, 2022

Dear editor,

Here we go again. The last two weeks of the school year and parents are ranting about why their child didn’t make the grade.

They’re blaming the teachers, administrators, the superintendent and school board.

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My question to these parents, where were you the first 8 ½ months of the school year? Did you attend PTA meetings? Did you attend parent-teacher conferences?

If you had participated in the aforementioned, then they would have known how their child was progressing in the class room.

Teachers are there to teach, not baby sit. Administrators are there to assist the teachers. Our superintendent was recently rated as one of the top 5 superintendent in the state of Texas. Our school district was recently ranked No. 1 in Region 5 for being fiscal responsible.

As for our school board, here are some facts for you. The last mayoral and school board election only 3,100 people cast a vote out of 34,000 registered voters. That’s less than 10 percent, which is pathetic.

At PAISD all students are accepted and no audition is required.

I know this letter may anger some people but I had to say it. Like the Aaron Neville song goes, I had to #Tell it like it is, let your conscious be your guide#.

Finally I would like for Governor Abbott and Cancun Cruz explain something to me. How is it possible in the state of Texas that an 18 year old cannot buy a can of beer legally but can legally purchase an assault weapon?

— Charles Brown of Port Arthur