LETTER TO THE EDITOR — The solution to education

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, April 20, 2022

There is a certain element in our public school system that puts our schools in a crisis mode: high drop out rates, low reading scores, low math scores, etc.

These are the symptoms.

The solution to the problem with our public school system; however, lies within the student body.

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Public schools in their attempt to solve the “problem with academia” put all their efforts in preparing the classroom for the student: facilities, faculty, curriculum, money, etc.

We need to change this paradigm and view education from the bottom up: prepare the student for the classroom. After all, education is about learning.

Research and literature on the subject suggest that students are in a crisis mode for a number of reasons.

Among these reasons are: they are not properly motivated and they don’t know how to learn.

Many students need and require motivation.

This can be accomplished through career counseling, goal setting, life coaching, etc.

Developing their learning skills would include time management, speed reading, planning, taking tests, taking notes, listening, etc.

Fix the student problem and the problem with education goes away.


Armando Gaytan,

Port Arthur