Argument over garage sale items leads to dagger threat in Groves

Published 12:38 am Sunday, January 23, 2022

GROVES — A Groves man is filing charges on a female acquaintance who allegedly pulled out a long dagger and lunged at him after he said he wouldn’t let her store garage sale items at his home because he thought they were stolen.

The altercation between the two led to him reportedly punching her while trying to protect himself and also punching her windshield on Tuesday, authorities said.

Groves Police Chief Deputy Kirk Rice said the altercation took place in the 5100 block of Foster.

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It began when the female came to the man’s home and wanted to store items for a garage sale he was set to have. The man reportedly told police he knew the items were stolen but couldn’t prove it, Rice said.

The man, age 38, told the woman, 37, she would have to leave and take the items with her, but she became upset. That’s when she reportedly pulled the dagger on the man. In order to protect himself, the man hit the woman with a closed fist approximately two times, he told police.

The woman then jumped into her car and the man punched her windshield as she left the scene.

No injuries were reported and the woman left the home before officers arrived.

Groves Police said they would speak with both parties and the reports will be submitted to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office for review and determination on whether to prosecute.