LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Reader feels grounded by United Airlines

Published 12:01 am Friday, December 17, 2021

I am a Port Arthur native and wife of a United employee. I am appalled at the treatment of my loved one at the hands of CEO Scott Kirby.

While Mr. Kirby has every right to institute his Covid vaccine mandate, he is also obligated to allow reasonable accommodations for the faithful and those whose medical providers object.
United’s answer is indefinite, unpaid leave for anyone seeking an accommodation, a far cry from reasonable this holiday season.

Our family is struggling to pay our bills because United refuses to allow the loyal people who fearlessly carried the airline through the pandemic to work.

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In fact, United’s retaliatory and discriminatory policy is likely a losing position as almost 2000 employees are suing the airline in federal court.
Meanwhile, as government mandates are being halted and other airlines accommodate their employees, United’s CEO has doubled-down firing hundreds.

It appears the Grinch now runs United Airlines.


Stephanie Albers