See which “Leading Ladies” were honored at Diamond Conference luncheon

Published 12:36 am Saturday, August 7, 2021

Seven local leaders were honored Friday for their faith, service and work in the community.

The Diamond Conference Leading Ladies Honorees Luncheon was presented by Christian Faith Women of Virtue Inc., led by Port Arthur Councilwoman and Rev. Charlotte Moses.

The honorees were first announced in June, and on Friday were treated to a candlelit event at the Robert A. “Bob” Bowers Civic Center.

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Each was introduced by Ava Graves, the first African American Jefferson County Democratic Chair. The guest speaker was Evangelist Vonda Yates, and a welcome was given by Port Arthur Councilwoman Ingrid Holmes.

“They are virtuous women,” Holmes told the crowd. “They are women who are constantly busy doing tasks and loving their families and others, as well. They’re superwomen who juggle all the things and seem to do it with such grace and poise.”

Holmes said she was quoting scripture, but that each of the honorees represented it.

Graves introduced each women with short biographies on their education, family members and advice shared by each for those in the community.

Pat Avery

Pat is the CEO and President of the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. Her advice is for women to never doubt their abilities.

Debra Ambroise

Debra recently retired from the City of Port Arthur Transit Administration. Her advice: You are a child of God so stand up straight.

Doreen Badeaux

Doreen works with the Port Arthur International Seafarers Center and the Apostleship of the Sea USA. Her advice: Love the Lord and keep his commandments to unlock the door to sincere happiness and inner peace.

Dr. Brenda Coleman

Brenda is an assistant principal at Memorial High School. Her advice is to be true to yourself and God. Always be hopeful because God loves us and assures us that you will never fail.

Lillie Broussard

Lillie is retired from the Mark Stiles Government Facility. Her advice is to stay in the word of God, share the word of God, be faithful to the word of God, stay prayerful, and love one another.

Dr. Michelle Snoodgrass

Michelle is an instructional coach for PAISD. Her advice: Believe in the person — wife, mother, cousin, daughter, friend, employee — you desire to be. Trials, setbacks and failures will come. Do not sit or quit.

Pam Trosclair

Pam is the marketing/events coordinator for MobilOil Credit Union. Her advice is to always do and share what you love by being a role model.