Commissioners replacing nearly $40K in stolen property from Port Arthur facility

Published 12:36 am Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Commissioners this week approved the replacement of almost $40,000 of equipment after it was stolen last month from the Precinct 3 Barn in Port Arthur.

The stolen lawn equipment included:

  • An 18’ black Perkins Lowboy with a ramp held up by Gorilla Lifts. It also has a rectangle cage on the front of the trailer
  • Two red Ferris brand IS3200 61 inch zero turn mowers
  • Six Waguyama brand weed eaters
  • Two red Yamaha Weedeaters
  • Three red Waguyama pole saws
  • Two yellow Stihl Chainsaws
  • Three Orange Stihl large backpack style blowers

Precinct 3 Commissioner Michael Sinegal said county officials received quotes to replace the items worth $39,033, and will replace them once they receive a purchasing order.

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“I want to apologize to the taxpayers,” he said, “and we’re doing everything possible to keep it from happening again.”

At the time of the theft, which occurred between April 15-16 at the Jade Avenue facility, officials acknowledged the criminal or criminals might have included someone with knowledge of the grounds. Security cameras in place had been briefly disconnected for remodeling.

Sinegal said so far they haven’t had any leads, and none of the property has been recovered. However, that could change at any minute.

“Unless they have someone on the black market that can work on it, they won’t be able to repair it if it breaks,” he said, referring to the fact that all of the stolen items are registered to the county.

“The fact that the county barn was able to provide serial numbers for each of the items stolen due to meticulous records makes it easier to trace if the stolen items are taken and sold to pawn shops or other types of facilities,” Capt. Crystal Holmes told Port Arthur Newsmedia shortly after the crime.

“However, if they are sold to individuals, it does make it a little bit harder. We’re hoping with such a large amount of property and the size of the equipment, somebody saw what happened. We hope neighbors would pay attention to a lowboy trailer or new equipment in their area and contact us.”

Sinegal said he intends to prosecute anyone involved.

“One thing I hate more than anything is a thief and a liar,” he said.

“I can’t stand a thief. I’d rather someone say they don’t like me or whatever they have to say to me, just don’t steal from me. It’s the taxpayers’ money, and that really bothers me.”