ASK A COP — Is it legal to travel with feet on the dashboard?

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dianna from Groves asks: My question is about passengers who put their feet on dashboard while on the highway. While traveling during our summer trip, I’ve noticed scores of passengers either sitting up or reclined and their feet are on the dashboard while the car was traveling on the highway. I understand there are those seeking comfort while traveling, but I just don’t get it. Is it legal to travel with feet on dashboard in Texas?


Answer: It’s that time of year again where passengers practice the act of placing their feet on the dashboard while riding in a motor vehicle. I’ve seen passengers with their feet on the dashboard, as well. It’s not a safe practice that I’d even dare attempt or allow in my vehicle. Especially when you consider that air bags are deployed at 200 miles per hour, I don’t know what rational thinking person would welcome their knees at their face at 200 mph. Dianna, having your feet on the dashboard while on the roadway in Texas is NOT illegal.

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Johnnie from Port Arthur asks: Is the speed limit law applied for bicycles, too. Can we get a speeding ticket for traveling over the posted speed limit on a bicycle? Have you ever issued such a ticket?


Answer: Bicycles are considered a vehicle according to the Texas Transportation Code. So bicyclists are expected to obey the rules of the road like a motor vehicle (for example stop a red light, stop sign, yield sign). So, yes, the posted speed limit would apply for bicyclist. Although that’s a feat not easily obtained, but the posted speed limit includes bicycles. Those riders should take special care that their safety is top priority. Bicycle riders also must travel in the same direction as a vehicle. A bicyclist speeding is something I’ve never encountered on the roadways of Port Arthur, and I can only hope that I never will stop a bicyclist for speeding, because a bicycle doesn’t have any safety features to protect the rider in the unfortunate event of a crash or fall. Most bicyclists that I observe on the roadways do NOT ride with safety equipment, so operating the bicycle at a safe speed in the far right side of the roadway is No. 1 in my book!


Dave from Port Arthur asks: My cousin and I were in Houston for Thanksgiving, and a fire truck was putting out a fire and the hose was stretched across the street. My cousin wanted to drive over it because it was in the way of the direction he was driving. I told him he shouldn’t drive over fire hose. We debated a few times then he decided to listen to my advice. Is it illegal to run over a fire hose in Texas?


Answer: I’m glad your friend listened to wisdom, because it is illegal to run over fire hose in Texas. But permission to cross over a fire hose can be given by a fire department official who’s in command on the scene. So if any of us see fire hoses laid across the street, no matter if their flat or round filled with water, respect the fire department property and stay off the hoses. Refer to Texas Transportation Code 545.408.


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