ON THE MENU — The Avenue Coffee and Café finds home in Mid-County

Published 12:28 am Friday, April 9, 2021

PORT NECHES — Three years ago, a group of friends from Southeast Texas realized there was a dearth of coffee spots in Mid-County, where their peers could just go and hang out while enjoying a latte.

Over that time frame, the four families — made up of Brieann Edwards and Randy Edwards, Alicia Huber, David Poole and Carrie Chesson, and Jason Robbins and Heather Robbins — built The Avenue Coffee and Café into one of the area’s most popular eateries.

“This area was missing (a coffee shop) and the true processes that go into it,” Randy Edwards said. “Year 1 was to own the area in offering a quality beverage. Year 2 was to own the whole process, so we started roasting our own coffee in August of last year. That allows us to control our freshness, roast coffee as needed and really give the consumer the best product we can.”

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Edwards said the group got together through a mutual friend.

Co-owner Randy Edwards said the Café changes the menu monthly, adding the restaurant was created with an atmosphere where community members of all ages could hang out together. (Chris Moore/The News)

“The one person that knew and knows everyone is David Poole,” Edwards said. “We all just got connected. I was living in Galveston at the time and had intentions of moving home. David and I started talking about a coffee shop. We had one friend that did this and a friend that did that. It all kind of panned out.”

With all of the owners working fulltime jobs away from the café, the group worked weekends to build The Avenue to what it is today.

“We knew nothing about the restaurant industry,” Edwards said. “We would have probably done things completely differently now. I am glad with what we have, and we just want to expand what we have down here.”

One thing that keeps the menu fresh is the ability for all employees to have an input on what is served.

“There are new sandwiches, new pastries and items that go into our cold boxes on a monthly basis,” he said. “We understand the need for innovation. We have a really good staff. It is not just the owners. It is everyone working together to come up with ideas. We have seasonal drinks. If we hear about something or see something when we travel, we look at it. Our baker does a wonderful job at changing stuff up. Anyone can come up with anything. That’s what makes us a better company and able to adjust as needed.”

Regardless of the weather, patrons are drawn towards the iced lattes.

“Those always seem to go over best on a daily basis,” Edwards said. “A cold brew does wonders. We can that or package it in bottles as a cold-brew latte ready to go. We have on tap, nitro and regular. We can offer it in a lot of different forms.”

Edwards said the ownership group is young and wanted a place for their children to enjoy as they get older.

“All of us our in our 30s,” he said. “Three of the groups have kids. We wanted a place for our kids to hang out and offer that to the community. We all had places that we hung out and called home and we want people to feel that way when they walk in the door.”

The restaurant is located at 1226 Port Neches Avenue. For more information, call 409-344-4594.