ASK A COP — Tint pullovers feel like Driving While Black stops

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Malcolm from Orange asks: I’m a black male and I’ve been stopped by the police more than times than I can remember. I’m not an opponent of law enforcement but I do believe I’ve been the target of Driving While Black on several occasions. I’m aware this may be a sensitive subject and sometimes difficult to discuss, but I’m tired of being stopped by the police for the same thing over and over again. They always say I’m stopping you because your tint is too dark, and I always have to explain to them I bought the vehicle with the tint on it. I notice other vehicles with darker tint than my vehicle. What can done about me being stopped by the police for DWB — Driving While Black?


Answer: Before we address the claim of racial profiling, Malcolm I can instantly HELP you from being stopped over and over by law enforcement. Remove the tint or get in compliance with state of Texas tint law. Just because you purchased your vehicle with the tint on it doesn’t make it’s right with the state of Texas. The state of Texas allows 25 percent light transparency on window tint, and anything under that 25 percent level is a violation of state of Texas tint law. Before you claim you’re being racially profiled, let’s try to come into compliance with the law. Malcolm, please believe there are strict guidelines on racial profiling that our police chief, Tim Duriso, will assure you are being followed within the ranks of the Port Arthur Police Department. The Port Arthur Port Department and every law enforcement agency across the nation must continually report to the government traffic/pedestrian stops so racial profiling can be extinguished. Try complying with the tint law before you make an outcry of racial profiling.

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Lil Man from Port Arthur asks: If I lock my keys in my car, can I call the Port Arthur Police Department to come and assist me with the door opening tool for my vehicle?


Answer: If you EVER feel you need assistance, you are welcome to contact the Port Arthur Police Department. Now a myth that is still alive is police officers are equipped with door unlock tools and will come and unlock your vehicle when called upon. Not true. We are not equipped with such tools, but there are companies locally that have the tools and ability to unlock your vehicle. If there’s an urgent need to enter your vehicle, a different method may be applied.


Jamie from Port Arthur asks: One day my husband and I were at a red light behind a vehicle that was first at the red light. They failed to go when the light turned green and it appeared that when the light turned yellow, the car hurried up and sped off while my husband follow behind him. I told my husband he just ran a red light, and he believes it wasn’t his fault because the car in front of him stayed so long and didn’t observe the green light. Was my husband at fault for running a red light, or is he correct that it was permissible to go through because of the waste of time of the car ahead of us at the green light?


Answer: This probably is an issue many drivers have to contend with on a daily basis, especially now with cellphones being in practically every vehicle. I’m aware it is frustrating when someone is not acknowledging or observing the light has changed to green. If someone is delayed in obeying the green traffic signal and happen to go through their light while it’s yellow, you cannot proceed behind them unless you can make the yellow caution light, as well. But normally, if you missed your turn, you would need to wait again for the traffic signal to turn green. So Jamie your husband was wrong!


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