BRIAN JOHNSON OUTDOORS — Cold weather creates opportunity to hunt hogs

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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As I type this article (Feb. 12), Texas is about to experience some of its coldest weather ever.

Some parts of the state will possibly experience temperatures below zero, and the rest of us will be in the teens and below.

Even with these frigid predictions, I can only spend so much time indoors without going stir crazy. Outdoor activities are a must for me throughout the year.

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They help me to calm down and also give me time in nature to reflect on the goodness of God.

Since many ponds may be frozen and my boat motor is cold natured, I’m gonna rule out fishing for a few days and focus on killing a hog. After all, I need some andouille sausage for my next gumbo.

He are a few tactics that I may employ.

Hunt over bait. The ole corn pile for hogs is hard to beat. When the weather gets below freezing, hogs need to eat more, so a food source is a great option. With this method, I can sit in a ground blind with a heater or sit in a tree stand and freeze to death. Any guesses as to which I’ll pick? If I choose this option, I’ll use a trail camera to determine the best time to be on location.

• Night vision. With this option, I can still hunt over bait but I’m able to hunt past dark. Often times hogs will go nocturnal and only hit bait sites after the sun goes down. This is a great choice with a high success rate.

Dodge Ram 2500. While it is the least sporting option, this is quite possibly the option I will choose. I simply get in my truck and drive the ranch roads (not public or county roads before anyone asks) looking for hogs.

It is very common for hogs to graze and root midday when it is cold and nasty outside. I’ll have my AR-15 ready and drive around with my radio softly playing and my heater blowing just enough to keep me comfy. Once I see a hog, I lock and load and place the red dot behind his ear. Hopefully one shot later it’s big pig down!
Regardless of which option I choose, it does my soul good to get outside in God’s country. It seems that the more time I spend admiring His creations, the more I love and appreciate Him as my creator!

God bless you my friends and happy hunting!

Brian Johnson, originally from Port Neches, is pastor of First Baptist Church of Winnie, owner of and outdoors writer for The News. He can be reached at