ASK A COP — Can you see a radar reading after being pulled over?

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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As we all are aware, a severe weather event has occurred in our area, and the Port Arthur Police Department is encouraging ALL motorist, pedestrians and pedal cyclists to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary until conditions improve.

Fred from Port Arthur asks: I’ve always been told if a police officer stops me for speeding I have a right to view the radar to see the speed I’m being accused of. I’m not certain if this is true, so I’m asking you, do I have a right to see your radar if I’m stopped for speeding?

Answer: This is not true, Fred, whoever gave you this information was wrong. No citizen has the RIGHT to view the police officer’s radar when stopped and accused of exceeding the maximum posted speed limit on the roadway. Granted, if a police officer allows you to view the radar, it’s totally his/her choice. This is a practice I choose to steer far away from because it could end in another debate, because if drivers are asking to see the speed they are accused of traveling on my radar, they already don’t agree with the speed I’m accusing them of traveling. So that won’t really change anything, in my opinion, so that’s why it’s important for ALL motorists to KNOW, not wonder or guess ,the speed they’re traveling at ALL times.

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The Breeze caller asks: Since radar detectors are legal to possess in Texas, are there any instruments that are illegal to operate in relation to radar detectors in vehicles?

Answer: There’s an instrument called a radar jammer or laser jammer scrambler, and that device is totally illegal to operate in the state of Texas. The Texas Transportation Code 546.616 states: (b) A person other than a law enforcement officer in the discharge of the officer’s official duties, may not use, attempt to use, install, operate, or attempt to operate a radar interference device in a motor vehicle operated by the person. So Caller, in Texas, if you have a radar jammer, it’s best you keep it on your shelf in your home next to a novel. These radar jammers cannot be legally purchased anywhere in the state of Texas. Because The code further states: (c) A person may not purchase, sell, or offer for sell a radar interference device. Motorists need to be put on notice that these instruments may not work as advertised. Caller, life would be so much simpler if we just obey the law.

Gloria for Nederland asks: My husband and I are arguing about the yellow speed limit signs that are normally in curves. Can you write a ticket for someone going over the speed limit of a yellow speed limit sign?

Answer: The actual speed limit signs that are enforceable in Texas are white with black lettering. The yellow signs are advisory signs that tell, suggest or recommend safe speeds on curves. The actual speed limit on the curve would be the last black and white speed sign on the highway, but we would all agree it would be almost a suicide mission to attempt the higher highway speed on the curve. Gloria, if you are involved in a crash and you don’t adhere to the yellow advisory sign curve, you will more than likely be charged with unsafe speed even if you were below the actual speed limit, but above the advisory speed.

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