LETTER TO THE EDITOR — U.S. status as beacon of democracy in peril

Published 12:01 am Saturday, January 9, 2021

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The United States was once a beacon of democracy for other countries to admire. Well, on Jan. 6 that beacon was destroyed by thugs and savages that follow Comrade Trump.

As I watch those thugs storm the Capital building, I said racism and hatred is alive and well in this country. I looked into the mob and I saw Confederate, Nazi and Klan flags everywhere.

My next question was where was security? When BLM marched they had the 5th Army out there guarding the building.

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Make no mistake this fall squarely on the shoulders of Trump, and others like Ted Cruz, Randy Weber, and Brian Babin. I consider these people as traitors to their country.

I still can’t understand how Trumpers can support this thug. He calls people like me, a veteran, and active military personnel losers and suckers for serving our country. Yet when his country asked him to serve he acted like the cowardly lion.

I’m sure his boss, Putin, is sitting in the Kremlin and laughing at us. As for me I have Georgia on my mind.

The 4 years Trump occupied the oval office he spent 1 year on the golf course. This is the person who said he would be so busy that he would not have time for golfing.

Trump, you’re fired.

— Charles Brown, Port Arthur