LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Port Arthur, please deny this zoning change request

Published 12:03 am Saturday, December 19, 2020

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On November 16, 2020, the Port Arthur Planning and Zoning Commission voted “no” on the proposal to change the zoning at 2615 Twin City Highway from single-family dwelling to light commercial for the construction of a multi-family development (i.e., apartment). I OPPOSE this change.

This property is presently zoned as a single-family dwelling and the request is a change to light commercial for the construction of a multi-family development (i.e., apartment).  I OPPOSE this zoning change.

This property is not a good location for apartments as there is not sufficient room for adequate parking or access to the roadways because this is a remarkably busy intersection. The traffic consists of many cars and trucks which often weave in and out of traffic at high rates of speed at all hours of the day and night.

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It would certainly be a dangerous place for children to walk or ride bicycles. It is not safe for people with disabilities as there are no adequate sidewalks and no ADA facilities (Americans With Disabilities Act, which is Federal Law) associated with this property.

Would children who lived here have a safe walkway to get to school? NO, I drove there last week to see for myself. The sidewalks are not adequately leveled and are non-existent in some places.  There are no ADA ramps at this location. The traffic is too heavy even mid-morning on a Wednesday for foot traffic.

I have several questions concerning this proposal:

Have provisions been made for off-site parking?

Has a traffic study been done for this busy intersection?

How many cars per day will be in and out of the traffic with this new development?

How many collisions have occurred at the intersection of Twin City, Griffing Drive and 25th Street (on the Groves side) since Nov. 1, 2019?

Have you met with the developer in person, virtually or on the phone this year?

I have asked these questions of councilmen and have not gotten answers on any of them.

How many cars will be allowed per unit? It is unrealistic to think just one car per unit would be allowed as most families have at least two cars.

This multi-family dwelling or apartment will have an exceptionally large impact on the already crowded intersection. There is an apartment facility across the street on the Groves side of Twin City: a shopping center (where it is exceedingly difficult to even find parking across Griffing Drive), and the middle school which is across the street in the 2200 block of Jefferson Drive and extends all the way to Griffing Drive.

To the City Council of Port Arthur, please do not approve this Zoning Change request.

— Lucille Armintor, Port Arthur