Sheriff’s Office: Use these safe shopping tips to avoid becoming a victim

Published 12:18 am Thursday, November 26, 2020

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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released the following shopping safety tips.

  • Dress For Shopping: Wear comfortable clothing with a number of pockets.

You can carry your money, ID and credit cards in your pocket.

  • Avoid flashy jewelry whether it is real or costume. Comfortable shoes are a must.
  • Avoid carrying purses. Leave your hands free to deal with kids and packages, etc. Definitely avoid shoulder purses of any kind.

If you must carry a purse, carry a short strap hand held purse. Carry only the essentials in a small purse or fanny pack that can be kept close to the body.

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Instead of a wallet, secure cash in a money clip in a front pocket. If you must carry a wallet, wear snug fitting pants or carry it in a coat breast pocket so you would feel if someone tried to steal it out of the pocket.

  • Cash, checks and credit card: Carry cash in denominations no larger than a $20 bill. If a bank gives larger denominations, have them exchange it before you leave.

Carry cash in various pockets and never pull all of cash out at once.

If you carry a check book, make sure that to keep up with the check numbers and the recipients. This will assist in cancelling checks.

Carry only credit cards needed while shopping. Always log credit card numbers with the 800 numbers and keep the information in a safe place. You can file the information in an electronic folder just in case you have to cancel your cards.

  • Lock doors at all time. Most vehicles with electric door locks can be set to stay locked when you put a car in park.
  • Hide valuables: Guns, cash, purses, coins, jewelry, cell phones, cameras, backpacks, GPS systems and laptop computers are very popular items to steal.
  • 911 is a free call on a cell phone. Even cell phones with no data service can be used to call 911. Keep a cell phone charged and with you if at all possible.